Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Natural Balance Dental Dog Chews

Wayyy back in June, I received this Chewy.com treat of the month! Been a bit busy since then.  We moved to a different state and sold our house!  Now we are looking for a new one.. ooof!  ANYWAYS.. finally getting to my June review.. sorry Chewy!

I was sent these awesome Natural Balance Dental Chews for Gibson to try out.  They were Pumpkin & Chicken Meal (gotta go with anything pumpkin!).   Plus, Anything that will clean Gibson's teeth gets a thumbs up from me!

Product Description

Natural Balance Dental Chews are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog's natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums. This delicious mix of flavors, including savory ingredients like pumpkin and papaya, makes for a great taste your dog will love!
Key Benefits
  • Grain-free formula
  • Unique grooves help reduce plaque & tartar
  • Formulated to support easy chewing & digestion
  • Helps freshen your dog's breath
  • Antioxidant nutrients to support immune function

It was no surprise that Gibson loved these chews.  For one, they are a bit bigger than his normal treats, so that made him do a happy dance every time.  Plus, I think the texture is fun for him.  Kind of like an edible chew toy.

I love that they are grain free! A lot of dental chews are not, so it's a big plus!  Highly recommend. You can get them here! http://www.chewy.com/dog/natural-balance-dental-chews-pumpkin/dp/101762
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