Thursday, May 14, 2015

FURminator Dual Brush For Dogs

My review last month was for a FURminator Dual Brush For Dogs!


I wanted to try it because Gibson really does not like getting brushed with deshedding brushes, so I thought I'd try something more gentle...


Test #1: He let Hadley brush him with it! OMG I was sold right there!  (it could have been because of the breadstick in her hand, but whatever!)

I then saw, of course, that this brush is meant for dogs with short/silky coats.  Whoops, that's definitely not corgis!  But on to Test #2:


After bath brushing!  Look at all that fluff!  I held Gibson down and brushed him like crazy with this new brush.  It took awhile, but he looked a lot better than when I started! And he didn't try to run away as much as with the original FURminator.


So, I think this would work better for short/silky hair dogs, but if your dog is super sensitive, like mine, this is a good alternative brush when you don't need to get tons of undercoat out :)
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