Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earth Rated® Pet Waste Bags & Dispenser GIVEAWAY!

Let's talk about something that all dog owners have to deal with... Poop clean-up! We all have to do it.. and I, for one, am kind of picky about the bags I use to get the job done.  I HATE using plastic grocery bags from the store.. they're way too big and you never know if there is a random hole in it!   And what about when you forget a bag? I have gotten pretty creative at times.. lol

Well, needless to say, I was super excited when I got the opportunity to do a review and giveaway of Earth Rated® Pet Waste Bags and Dispenser!


Founded in 2010, Earth Rated® is a Canadian company based in Montreal that produces fun and affordable waste bags for dog owners. The company is committed to providing dog owners with the best alternative to traditional plastic grocery bags. Earth Rated’s products help keep communities clean, so that all dogs (and their humans!) have safe spaces to run and play. For more information, please visit: www.earthrated.com.

 Earth Rated® offers a growing assortment of quality, affordable waste bags for dogs of all sizes. Earth Rated® dog waste bags are made to be extra-long and extra-strong, helping pet owners to avoid unwanted contact. Waste bag roll cores and packaging are made from recycled content.

Gibson was super excited to sport his Earth Rated® bandana and go try them out!

I really like these bags! And LOVE the dispenser!!  They are a perfect size, tear apart easily and are a good neutral color (bonus points for matching my leash perfectly!).  The dispenser hangs on my leash nicely and doesn't come apart or fall off like other dispensers I've tried.


And I love the little hanger to hang your 'used' bags on while you walk. Genius!!


I got the lavender scented bags, and I really like the scent!  I've tried some scented bags that are too overwhelming or have a strange film on the bags that irritate my hands.. these did neither!

All in all, I really like these poop bags and think you will too!

Want to win some bags, a dispenser and swag?!  Enter my giveaway below!  A winner will be chosen next Monday, April 27.  Good Luck! US or Canada residents only, please

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