Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dehydrated Pure Iceland Haddock Fillets Dog & Cat Treats

Time for the review of the month!

This month, I chose The Honest Kitchen "Wishes" - Pure Iceland Haddock Fillets


These treats are exactly what the name says. 100% Dehydrated Haddock.  I love dog treats that only have a few ingredients, so I was intrigued!

They pieces of fish come in a variety of sizes, which is nice if you want to give your dog a lot or a little.  And they are also easily broken apart if you'd rather only give a taste at a time.

Here's what The Honest Kitchen had to say about them:
Wishes are suitable for both cats and dogs, and can be used as a general reward or training aid. Made with 100% wild-caught Haddock from Iceland using sustainable fishing practices. They’re grain-free, delicious and perfect for sensitive pets who suffer from allergies or intolerance to certain foods such as grains and proteins. Wishes come in large, dehydrated fillets – they can be snapped into smaller pieces for your dogs or cats.
Key Benefits
  • Gourmet treats suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Made with just one pristine ingredient!
  • Popular with even the fussiest hounds
  • Grain-free & Gluten-free makes it perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs
  • Made in a human food facility with 100% human-grade ingredients in the USA!


The verdict?? Googly eyes of course ;)  Gibson thinks they are the greatest thing on the planet!!


I, on the other hand, forgot I have a serious sensitivity to all things that smell 'fishy'.. and these are almost gag-inducing.. ooof!   Every time I'd open the bag to give him a treat, my whole kitchen would smell like fish.  So, I think these are a great treat, overall, but I wish they came in some other flavor.. like chicken? For those of you that that don't mind the smell of fish, enjoy! :)


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