Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sojos Grain-Free Duck & Cherry Flavor Dog Treats

It's that time for my treat of the month!  This month, I picked out Sojos Grain-Free Duck & Cherry Flavor Dog Treats!  Gibson was clearly attracted to the pink box off the bat ;)


I always choose treats made with duck for some reason.. seems exotic I guess... and the duck & cherry combo sounded delish to me, so I figured Gibson would dig them.  And I can't lie, the pink box was just too cute to pass up..

Back to the treats themselves.. These are another grain-free biscuit that are also gluten free, 100% natural and made from only 5 high quality ingredients!


They are a little bit smaller than I would normally like for a 'special' treat and a bit too big for training treats. So, I'm not that big of a fan of the size.  I normally give Gibson two of the biscuits at once  ;)

Other than the size, I think these are great treats that could be added to your dog's everyday diet!
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