Monday, January 27, 2014

Nutro Ultra Oatmeal & Pumpkin Biscuits Healthy Digestion Blend Dog Treats

Time for my January treat review from!  This month, I picked out these Nutro Ultra Oatmeal & Pumpkin Biscuits Healthy Digestion Blend Dog Treats!DSC_5829

These All Natural Biscuits come in 4 varieties:
Oatmeal & Pumpkin for Healthy Digestion
Pomegranate & Blueberry Antioxidant Blend
Salmon Meal & Sunflower Oil for Healthy Skin & Coat
Small Breed Formula- Superfood Blend

I chose the Oatmeal because I always worry about Gibson's digestion since he had some tummy problems a few summers ago.  He loves them!  And I love it's a high quality treat!


Here's what Nutro has to say about them:
"Nutro Ultra All Natural Dog Biscuits are made with super-premium whole foods to promote the health and well-being of your dog. The unique blend of nutrient-dense, superfood ingredients delivers superior functional benefits to your dog’s vitality. Ultra Healthy Digestion Blend Dog Biscuits are designed with wholesome, all-natural fibers like oatmeal and pumpkin for dogs with sensitive stomachs to help ease digestion.
Key Benefits
  • Loaded with nutrient-packed natural fibers to be easier on your dog’s digestive process
  • Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Naturally preserved and does NOT contain: wheat, ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soy, artificial colors or flavors, or fillers
  • Three lean animal proteins from farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb and salmon provide unique and complementary Amino Acids that work together to promote strong, lean muscles
  • Packed with antioxidants to help maintain a strong immune system, a healthy heart and sharp mind
  • Made in the USA"

I love the size of these treats.  Big enough to be something a little special, but not too big that you have to worry about your fatty corgi gaining too much weight ;)


All in all, another score from Nutro &!


Mark Marky said...

Pumpkin biscuits along with chicken rawhide (dog treats) are the most joyful moments for my Labrador. I use to give these treats as a reward. These techniques really help me to trained her and nourish their abilities and skills.

Fredric Dewitt said...

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