Monday, January 27, 2014

Catching Up..

Whew, I am soo behind on posting. Remember Christmas a month ago? I did have plans to talk about what Gibson got from his Secret Santa this ear, but seems kind of silly now! So, here is a general update on how things have been going in the Corgi Butts household ;)

 Biggest news: I am back at my old job!

My boss asked me back to work  part-time and I gladly accepted!!  I got to choose my own hours and it has been awesome!  Hadley has been in Daycare since early October (a few hours a week), so it wasn't that big of transition for her, so that's nice.  She does still cry her eyes out every day when I drop her off.. and is not a fan of eating much there.. BUT she naps way better there than she does at home!  So that's a plus :)

So that's why there has been a serious lack of anything coming from this blog in the past month!

In other news: it has been the WORST WINTER EVER!!  I can never remember things closing because it is too cold, but we've had 4 days of that already this year.  Poor Gibson has been soooooo neglected.  It's too cold to do anything outside :(  We now have to run around the house to get any exercise.  If I can get him to run up and down the stairs with me 3 times I feel like we've at least done something.  Can't wait til it's in the 30's again!! We could then at least do this:


Next news item: We've been working (again) on Gibson's barking and think we've finally solved the problem.. We bought him a shock collar!  I know, how scandalous, but it was the best purchase we've ever made!  After barking once with it on, he understood what it meant and stopped barking.  We now only put it on him when he's in situations where he can't control his barking (family parties, get togethers & play groups). It has been awesome!!  Everyone comments on how they actually like Gibson now (poor guy) and it's so nice not having to scold him all the time.  And if he starts barking w/o it on, we just have to say, "Collar" and he stops :)  WOO!

Ok, that's it for now.  Will hopefully be back with some cuter posts soon!


Patty said...

Congrats on going back to work and Gibson's barking accomplishment :-D

Anonymous said...

What brand of collar did you get? I've got my own cranky little corgi barker and am considering a shock collar as a last resort. We've tried distracting him with treats, one of those "no bark" devices that makes a high pitched noise when he barks and nothing works. We live in an apartment, so I worry about the barking bugging all the neighbors and need to get it under control!

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