Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dingo Market Cuts Chicken Jerky

I received this bag of Dingo Market Cuts Chicken Jerky to review last month and it has been a hit in our house ever since!


Here is the official press release about the jerky:

Dingo Market Cuts Chicken Jerky are new dog treats, American-made from start to finish. These tasty treats, free of artificial flavors and by-products, are made from 100% chicken and produced in the State of Pennsylvania.
“There is a growing desire among consumers to buy domestically produced goods and Market Cuts will fulfill this demand,” said Ben Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Dingo. 
“Pet parents will be able to provide delicious treats to their dogs and support the U.S. economy.” The introduction of Market Cuts Chicken Jerky has created 50 new jobs for Americans at the Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. In addition to the Market Cuts Chicken Jerky, Dingo offers several other U.S. produced treat lines.
Market Cuts are available in Wal-Mart stores across the country (MSRP $14.98).
Another chicken jerky?  Yes.  And these. are. awesome!

First off, they are huge!  The one I am holding below is actually a small one.  There are some that are as big as my hand!  Great for an extra special treat or if you're trying to tide your dog over for a late dinner ;)

Next awesome thing.. there are only 3 ingredients.  Woot!  I can tell how natural they are just by breaking them apart (I usually give Gibson smaller chunks since he's a fatty).   You can actually see the grain of the meat.  You can definitely tell that it is a big piece of chicken.


Gibson absolutely loves these.  Each one gets a special happy dance from him :)

Market Cuts are available in Wal-Mart stores across the country (MSRP $14.98).


Anonymous said...

wasnt there a big recall for dingo chicken products?

Anonymous said...

I fed bought these because I'm afraid of the Chinese product. I left them with my neighbor to feed them to my dog while on vacation. I got back and my dog had been throwing up. She has never been sick like this before. I'm worried it is this product. I've stopped giving it to her and I hope she recovers.

Anonymous said...

WARNING DOG LOVERS! It is not just the Jerky made in China. My dog Nicky developed kidney failure (Fanconi syndrome) after eating Dingo market cut jerky made in the US. She is still not out of the woods after I spent over 7,000 on vets. Please be careful with dog treats. Nicky is part of our family and we are devastated. Please check FDA investigations on chicken Jerky treats since there are many different brands but basically the treat is the same and has the same affect on dogs.

I cannot afford what I have already spent and the Dingo company is not helping me in any way. I have contacted their company many times and there has been no decision from their part. They say that they are still reviewing her vet bills. I hope she does not die waiting for an answers if they will support her.

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