Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ice Pups/ Steamy Pups! From The Honest Kitchen

My December taste test from Chewy.com was a fun one!  A new product from The Honest Kitchen called Ice Pups.. which is what it sounds like.. an icy treat that you make for your pup.  But there's a twist..

...you can also make Steamy Pups!!  Perfect for these cold winter months!

What is it exactly? Well, you get a packet of dehydrated meat, veggies and spices..

...add hot water & mix!!

Then pour that into ice cube trays if you're making Ice Pups..

.. or let it cool slightly then, pour it in your dog's food bowl as a nice broth for them to drink up!

Nom, nom, nom!

Pretty cool concept, and I suspect it could be fairly adaptable.  I bet dog's would love the broth added on top of their kibble!   Or mixed in with a homemade dog biscuit recipe for flavor?

I think it's a cool product (or a hot product.. har har) and think it's worth a try!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Fun with the Astoria Overcoat!


Gibby got a new coat!  We were sent the Gold Paw Series Astoria overcoat to try out a few weeks ago.  Isn't it cute?  Here's the deets on the coat:
Check out Gold Paw Series new Astoria Overcoat! The secret is in the "suppletec" fabric, which is a waterproof fabric that was developed specially for the brand. The exterior is velvety soft, while the interior has contrasting, recycled polyester mesh, with an eco-friendly waterproof barrier positioned in between the two layers. It's comes in fun colors and multiple sizes that are available for your pooch here. And don't worry Gold Paw Series also makes custom sizes so no dogs are excluded!
I think it's geared more for the rainy season, as it's not very thick/warm, but Gibson has a big fur coat on naturally, so this worked pretty well for us!  It definitely is waterproof and kept him dry underneath.

As far as fit goes.. I think it has the same problem as most clothing does for corgis.. Eventually his big mane of a collar got pushed up around his head, which pushed the coat down around his elbows.. Is there a coat available that doesn't do that to corgis??

He does seem comfy in it though even though that happens.  We play fetch in it and he doesn't have a problem running.. Although it was no match for this:




Yes, it eventually fell off from his rolling around.  His old winter coat used to fall off from him just walking around though, so not bad!

Hadley put on her new snow suit too and though he looked pretty funny :)

Snow buddy!!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Indigo Smokehouse Strips Giveaway!!

So, Gibson received his most nomtastic noms to date a few weeks ago and he wants to share them with you!!


They're called Indigo Smokehouse Strips (Bacon flavored), and they are super awesome!


The treats come vacuum sealed, and when you open up the bag, you can smell how fresh they are! They actually smell like real beef jerky. I was tempted to try them ;) You even have to refrigerate these after opening! True sign of something fresh :)


Not too shabby of ingredients!!


The size is good too! Perfect little morsel for snacking


Gibson gives his googly eyed seal of approval and knows your pooch will as well..

1 lucky reader will win a sample of Indigo Smokehouse Strips!. Just enter below!

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