Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feelin' Frisky

I don't know if it's the weather cooling down, or the fact that I send his sister to daycare for a few hours a week that has got him excited.. but Gibson has been frrrrrrisky lately!


He's spent about a year and a half pouting (since Hadley became mobile) and pretty much only wanting to play fetch as a form of play. This is the constant look I'd get..


Well now's he's back to all of his old games again!  He wants to wrestle and play tug of war! And most surprisingly.. he wants to play his weird game again.. I don't know to explain his weird game.. He used to do it alll the time.  Basically, he chases my fingers around my back and under my legs.. it's weird.   I took a video of it years ago, which probably does nothing but make it look even weirder to you than I explained it haha. But here it is..

It's cute :)  I'm happy that he's finally getting back to his old Gibson self.  Or his G self (as Hadley calls him ;) )  


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