Monday, November 18, 2013

Baking Corgis

Look at this adorable cookie cutter that Jen from 3 Cheers for Corgis sent me!! I die.DSC_5145

You may recognize this corgi character from Jen's blog, "My Dog Henry" (you may also recognize Henry from the 1st Annual Corgis with Blogs Calendar ;) ). I was so excited when I got it and couldn't wait to go bake some cookies!!  Along with the cookie cutter, Jen provides you with a recipe for sugar cookies and cookie icing (how thoughtful!).  The recipes look awesome, but I was in a hurry and wanted COOOOOKIES NOW, so I just ran to the store and bought a cheapo mix and a pouch of icing *holds head in shame*.    The result was still tasty and adorable :)


The cutter works really well.  I didn't have much trouble cutting out the shapes and there wasn't really any sticking or anything.

Into the oven with you!

They come out and get fat, it's so cute!

I was kind of lazy when it came to icing.. this was about as creative as I came up with...

I will have to be as awesome and Jen and decorate them like she did one day!  How adorable is this?

And for Christmas cookies, you could add a Christmas collar! Squee! that'd be so cute :)

You can buy this Corgi Cookie Cutter at Jen's Etsy store, here:


Ruckus Eskie said...

Wow those are really cool cutters. The outcome is amazing too. Love what you did with the corgis!

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