Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting along?

We had our first family photo shoot a few Sundays ago.  Poor Gibson was not apart of it (how dare we?! I know..), but as soon as we got back home Hadley wanted to take him for a walk.. and she wanted to walk him herself!  And he cooperated!


He almost looks like he doesn't mind that she has the reigns!  Is that a smile I see??


Oh and then this magic happened...


Can you get any cuter? My cute dog, my cute kid and a beautiful fall tree!   Love, love, love :)

Anyway, they may be getting a long a little better.. slowly but surely.  Hadley also started daycare this week!  Just a few hours a week, to give me some time to get some work done and let her get used to being without me.  She did great, I did great, but Gibson seemed genuinely upset when I returned home w/o her for the first time! He just looked at me like, uh.. I think you forgot something!!  It was cute.  He does care ;)

The end.


Anonymous said...

Likey likey likey! My baby is almost 4 months and my corgi is a few weeks shy of 7 is HER baby and she WILL give it kisses, duh! I can't wait until Baby starts to be mobile and gives Doggie a run for her money! <3

Heidianna said...

Adorable! I'm glad they're getting along and enjoying each other. :)

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