Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Viva La Dog Spa "Rescue Me!" Conditioner

I never really thought Gibson's hair need detangling.  He has nice looking fur that for the most part looks neat.. Sure it's thick, but detangling is for dogs with long hair.... right??

Well, my opinion on the matter changed when I was sent this dog conditioner to review..

Viva La Dog Spa "Rescue Me!" Remoisturizing Deep Conditioner for Mattes and Tangles (holy cow, that's a mouthful) is awesome!!

 I sometimes use a conditioner on Gibson when I give him a bath, but it never really seems to make a difference, so I usually skip it.. But I thought I'd give this a try. First off, it smells great!  Not very manly (neither is the packaging), but hey.. he's a dog, don't think he cares..   It is really thick and I could tell that it was getting deep into his fur.

And the results?

Here is his "before" photo:


And after:


haha, this is RIGHT after, so he looks a little crazy.. but let me tell you.. I have never brushed so much hair out of Gibson in my life!  I would have an proper "after" photo, but it took THREE DAYS to brush it all out!!  I literally filled up a trash can with fur, it was crazy!  It made me wonder if he's always been matted down underneath his top coat.  Poor guy!  It made brushing easier too.. He usually yelps when I brush his hips, but he barely did after using this. Yay! And a week and a half later, I have noticed less fur around the house.. Yippee!

So, overall, I really love this product.  I'll definitely be getting another bottle when this one runs out!


CorGeek said...

Very nice, Kelly! I noticed that you're still having issues with Gibson's eyes tearing. Have you tried coconut oil? I started giving it to my Oliver for his hips, and was shocked when his continually tearing eye cleared up.

Kelly said...


Oh thanks! I use coconut oil for all of my daughter's ailments, but never thought to give it to Gibson! He did eat an entire jar of it though! Not pretty ;) How much do your give Oliver?

CorGeek said...

I started light (1/2 tsp) as recommended and have worked up to 1 tbl a day. (I usually split it between his 2 meals as he's not keen on the taste, but if it's not overwhelming, he doesn't mind.)

I hope it works for Gibson, too. On the bright side, it can't hurt. :)

Katie said...

I just bought that shampoo at PetCo. I cant wait to give her a bath after the lake and see if I have less fur in the house! Thanks for the review!

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