Tuesday, July 30, 2013

True Chews - Premium Jerky Cuts

We're back with another safe and natural chicken jerky dog treat!  This time Chewy.com sent me True Chews - Premium Jerky Cuts to review:

These chews are made in the U.S.A., have no artificial flavors or fillers and have a healthy list of ingredients (Chicken, Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Paprika Extract Color, Garlic Powder, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract).

They are a pretty good size, but can also be easily torn apart into smaller chunks, which is nice!  There is a definite jerky texture and smell to them.

And of course, my taste tester loves them!  I just finished the bag of them that we received and each one got a little 'happy dance' of approval from Gibson ;)DSC_3350

Overall, I really liked these treats.  It was a great 'extra special' treat to give Gibson when we were leaving the house for a long time or if he did an extra impressive trick!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Viva La Dog Spa "Rescue Me!" Conditioner

I never really thought Gibson's hair need detangling.  He has nice looking fur that for the most part looks neat.. Sure it's thick, but detangling is for dogs with long hair.... right??

Well, my opinion on the matter changed when I was sent this dog conditioner to review..

Viva La Dog Spa "Rescue Me!" Remoisturizing Deep Conditioner for Mattes and Tangles (holy cow, that's a mouthful) is awesome!!

 I sometimes use a conditioner on Gibson when I give him a bath, but it never really seems to make a difference, so I usually skip it.. But I thought I'd give this a try. First off, it smells great!  Not very manly (neither is the packaging), but hey.. he's a dog, don't think he cares..   It is really thick and I could tell that it was getting deep into his fur.

And the results?

Here is his "before" photo:


And after:


haha, this is RIGHT after, so he looks a little crazy.. but let me tell you.. I have never brushed so much hair out of Gibson in my life!  I would have an proper "after" photo, but it took THREE DAYS to brush it all out!!  I literally filled up a trash can with fur, it was crazy!  It made me wonder if he's always been matted down underneath his top coat.  Poor guy!  It made brushing easier too.. He usually yelps when I brush his hips, but he barely did after using this. Yay! And a week and a half later, I have noticed less fur around the house.. Yippee!

So, overall, I really love this product.  I'll definitely be getting another bottle when this one runs out!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2014 Calendar Contest!

It's that time of year! I am now accepting entries to this years calendar contest!

Can you believe this will be the 5th one?? Let's make it the best one yet!

The Details
  • Each month will feature a photo of corgi(s), their name and location, and Facebook or Blog information!
  • $2 from each calendar sold will be donated to the Corgi Pals!
  • The calendar will be ready to go for the holiday shopping season!
Submission Guidelines
  • All entries should be emailed to ksteck23(at)gmail.com - replace (at) with the @ symbol - no later than August 21, 2013.  30 finalists will be chosen and be put to the public vote.  Winners will be announced on soon after!
  • You must have rights to the photos that you are submitting.
  • Only 1 entry per corgi, please! This is a big change from years past.  I know it is hard, but it will make the process go so much smoother!
  • When you submit your entries, please include your dog's name and your location.   If you have a website, blog or Facebook page, include the web addresses.
  • Please send the original sized version of your photos (high resolution).  They should be at least 11.25" wide and 8.75" high at at least 150dpi to ensure the highest quality calendar. The file size should be at least 1mb.
  • Photos received may be cropped and resized and edited to fit specific calendar sizes and guidelines.
  • You will retain the rights to your own photos, and can still submit them to any other contest, sell them, or use them however else you like!
Photo Tips
  • There is no theme as of yet, just the best corgi photo that you have! Can be a corgi smile, or a corgi butt, or anything else corgi's do!
  • Photos w/just corgis (no humans) will be more likely to get accepted.
  • Photos can be from previous years if they are your best photos.
  • Outdoor and season specific shots always work well!
  • There can be multiple corgis per photo submission.
  • Pembrokes, Cardigans AND Corgi Mixes are all acceptable.
  • View our Corgis of the Month so far for tips on submitting great photos geared towards each month!

So there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some awesome photos soon! Please spread the word!! :)  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthdays and Boarding

It's Gibson's 5th birthday today!  I went to the dog bakery yesterday and picked him up some patriotic cookies and a "durable" squeaky hedgehog toy!


He was very excited..

obligatory birthday pic




He enjoyed his breakfast treat, to say the least!  I can't believe he is 5!

In other news, while we were up on a family vacation in Wisconsin...

He was here:

Yep, we boarded Gibson for the first time ever! My friend, Lisa owns a Doggy Daycare called The Dog Waggin' in Algonquin, IL.  It is somewhat on the way to Wisconsin, so instead of backtracking an hour and a half to my parents house in Indiana to drop him off, we thought we'd give our friend the business and try out her daycare!

It was so hard to leave him.. but I knew he was in good hands.  I didn't want to leave him somewhere where he'd be kept in a cage, and there is none of that at The Dog Waggin'.. they just sleep in a room with a bunch of dog beds.  The dogs are free to play all day and have 24hr access to outside.  They have a staff member sleep over with the dogs every night! I thought that was soo cool.. And I was able to message Lisa and ask how he was doing and she would send me fun photos like these...



This one cracks me up.. of course, Gibson is barking ;)

So, needless to say I think he had a great time and apparently did great and made a lot of friends!  I am glad we survived our first boarding experience :)

Well, there's a little update for you!  Gibson is 5! My gosh!!
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