Thursday, June 13, 2013

Orijen Free Range Bison Freeze Dried Dog Treats

New treat alert!  Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats! Yum, Yum!


Orijen sent me some to try out this week, and they did not disappoint! Just look at the ingredients! Can't get much better than this..


Gibson really wanted some of course...


And so did this one...


Ummm. yeah.  So, Hadley is not the greatest eater in the world. The only meat that she will eat is pepperoni.  Seriously.  I have tried everything, but that is the only meat she likes.  Well, as soon as I start to open the bag of these treats for Gibson she immediately stuck her hand in and grabbed one and stuck it in her mouth!  She loves them!  Every time she sees the bag she reaches for one!  I guess I should think this is gross, but what I really think is, "omg she is eating meat!"   At least it is a healthy dog treat, right?  Only made of bison liver (good), boneless bison (also good) and... bison tripe (kind of gross... look it up if you are interested haha.. but still.. not bad!).   I will take it ;)

Anyways, both kids love the treats, and I love that they are made from natural free range bison!  Also, it  is great that they are freeze dried because it keeps the nutrients in and there are no preservatives!


They're a little pricey, but I highly recommend these as a special treat!


Heidianna said...

Too funny that Hadley loves them too. I buy bison meat to eat for myself, since I can't eat beef, but bison is ok. I am certain my fur babies would love this too.

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