Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hadley Feeds Gibson

This is the only way they interact nicely together. Imagine that, it involves food ;)

Yes, Gibson is still not a big fan of the little one.  He still seems protective of her whenever he thinks we are playing too rough or someone new is holding her.. but if it looks like she might possibly move in his general direction, he growls.

Hadley wants nothing more than to pet him and love him.  Every other dog we are around lets her do whatever she wants to them, which makes her excited that maybe.. just maybe.. Gibson will let her touch him.  But nope.  Only if I hold him down and guide her hands for her so she doesn't pull fur or touch his 'off limit' areas.

The vet thinks he's such a grump because he's afraid of her.  I guess that makes sense.  She's a tiny little person that does not have very good motor skills.. and yes, she has pulled on his fur and ears and has made him yelp.  But why does every other dog put up with it?  Corgi thing?

Of course, as the video shows above, he loves her whenever she is eating.  In fact, they are best buds and partners in crime whenever there is food nearby.  Hadley is not the best eater in the world and feeding her doggie sounds much more fun to her.  It's the only way she can get close enough to touch him without him barking in her face.  He'll even lick her hands and face!  She loves it.  When we are at a restaurant, she'll hold out her hands with food in them, looking for Gibson to give it too.  So silly.

Well, there's a little update on how my two kids are getting along.  I hope SOMEDAY they will actually enjoy each others company more, but for right now, Gibson would rather go back to the way things used to be.  Grumpy little bugger ;)


Sarah said...

This is the exact same thing that happens with my 1 yr old and my corgis. They are protective of her but still want nothing to do with her unless she has food. Then she can practically sit on them and they don't care. sigh

Katie said...

I have a few friend with little babies, and Whiskey LOVES them. She will go bonkers when they are around and try to sit in the stoller with them. I hope it'll be like that when we enventually have kids of our own, but who knows, she might hate them. :-)

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