Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 Year!

Look who is 1!  Miss Hadley!

So weird that I have a 1 year old!   It seems so much older than 11 months.  Her birthday was on Monday, and it was definitely bittersweet.  I can remember vividly being in the hospital, in so much pain waiting for her to arrive.  Can remember the moment that she was born and the first time I held her like it was yesterday. And can definitely remember when I held her in my arms through the first night, surrounded by pillows so that she would be safe and wouldn't fall off the hospital bed.  Love at first sight truly exists, people.  And that love has grown every day since!  I love you so much, Hadley!!

OK, on to the FINAL monthly update!

1 Year Stats:  She had her 1 year check up on Tuesday and she was a whopping 16lbs 10oz and 28.25" long!  That puts her in the definite shrimp category.  Oh, baby girl.   They couldn't even draw her blood for blood work since her veins are so small!  Ah, well.  Doc says she's is healthy and perfect so I am not going to worry!


Sleeping:  Um, better?  She's only been getting up once or twice a night, so that's good!  Although now she has decided that she only needs one nap during the day *facepalm*.   Win some, ya lose some, I guess!


Walking: Not yet.  She still likes to use her walker and push things through the house, but does not seem confident enough in her balance to take that first step.  Plus, I think she LOVES to crawl!


Eating:  She still eats what we eat and will only feed herself.  She tries pretty much anything I give her but does not eat a whole lot of it.  She usually eats fruit for breakfast (bananas, blueberries, etc.), veggies/leftovers and fruit for lunch (today she had leftover spaghetti, peas and pears) and whatever we are eating for dinner (today it was meatloaf, carrots and mashed potatoes!).  I introduced almond and coconut milk to her this month at meal times.  She seems to dig them :)   And she is still nursing. Strong.


I am completely torn about weening.  I really do not hate breast feeding. In fact, I kind of love it.  It gives me several sweet and peaceful moments with my baby girl every day.  I know she's not going to need me like this or want to cuddle with me all the time like she does now, so I don't want to rush her to stop.  Plus, let's not forget the weight loss benefit.. I'm 10lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight.  For reals.    On the other hand, I'd love more freedom!  To be able to wear non stretchy clothes.  A pretty bra!  To be able to go out of town or at the very least, stay out with my husband for more than a few hours!  Hadley's doctor told me that I can leave her now and she'll be fine, but I'd still have to pump every couple of hours.  She said that I should try to get through at least the flu season since breast milk boosts the immune system.  We'll see.  I'm just going to take this one day at a time :)


Talking: She's been the babbling queen for months, but now she is saying words!  Her favorites are mom/mama/mommy, dad/dada/daddy and doggie!   It is super cute that she can actually put words to objects now.  And just this weekend she started saying "mom mom mom mom mom mom mom" over and over when she needs me.  Oh my god, it breaks my heart and fills it back up with love all at the same time!


Special Skills:
She's kind of lacking in the skills department, unfortunately.  I blame her strong will.  She seems to like to learn things at her own pace.  When I was at the doctors with her, they kept asking, "can she do this? or this? or this? Can she do this?" and my answer would always be, uhh no...   Things like pointing, clapping, waving.   I feel like a horrible parent for not spending more time to teach her these things!  I was covering my face in embarrassment and her doc was just laughing at me.  Hopefully, she'll learn some of these things in the next few months so her next appointment will be less embarrassing ;)

Firsts this month:

1st time buying pumpkins!

1st time in a hotel room!

1st time decorating a pumpkin/ 1st Pumpkin Fest!

1st time trick or treating!!

And... 1st Birthday Party!!
This probably deserves a post of it's own, but I'm gonna shove it in this one ;)  Her party was the day before her actual birthday, and she had a Pumpkin Fest Parade party!   We usually have a party for the Pumpkin Fest Parade, since we live on the parade route, so this worked out perfectly.  We had lunch for everyone, and then hung out in our yard and watched the parade!  Afterwards, we watched her eat cake and then chatted with everyone til they went home.  I think everyone enjoyed it!


I spent a ridiculous amount of time making all of her decorations, but I think they turned out pretty adorable. I used the fabric from her monthly photos to make flag banners, table runners and place mats! I am nuts!   The runners/place mats are reversible with a plain pumpkin fabric so we can use them throughout the season, and I moved one of the banners into her room and it looks adorable.  So, I'm going to get more use out of my efforts :)

DSC_9638 DSC_9639

I also hung up all of her monthly photos and they were a definite hit!   DSC_9642

And I found these jack-o-lantern punch balloons to use as decoration and hand the rest out to kids for  a favor..  They loved them!

Cupcakes were made and eaten..

Parade was watched...
DSC_9657 DSC_9685 DSC_9699

Cake was smashed...
Good times!

Happy Birthday, sweet heart.  Mommy and Daddy and everyone else you know, loves you so much!!!




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