Monday, October 8, 2012

11 (11!) Months


Good lord.  My baby is a month  (well, 3 weeks now) away from being 1 years old!  I know I say this every month, but crazy, crazy crazy.

Our monthly photo shoots are getting close to impossible.  The shot above was pretty much a  miracle.  She'd rather run away and play with the fabric like this...


Last month was another action packed month for Hadoodle.   She went to her 2nd White Sox game and was sooo good!

When she got a little antsy, I just plopped her down on the ground (much to the disgust of my parents) and she crawled around and played with her toys to keep herself entertained.   I swear, it is so much easier when your baby is mobile.


We also took Hadley on her first visit to the orchard!!  Fall is a BIG deal in our house, so Orchard Day is almost like a holiday to us :)

She was super sleepy during our time there, but she was a trooper and liked looking at all the apples..


... sitting in the big chair...

...and hanging out with a bunch of pumpkins!!

We brought back with us a bunch of her new love.  She lovves to eat apples!

It is so cute, she carries the apples around with her and gets so excited to eat them.  She definitely loves to feed herself.  She self feeds pretty much all of the time now.  I hope this means she'll be a good eater, but we'll see.  Still breastfeeding, but slowly cutting out a few feedings.  She might wean sooner than I thought..

She got a new sippy cup, which I call a 'sucky cup' cause it has a straw, that she absolutely loves as well.  I just keep it on the floor and she can drink whenever she wants (which is a lot!).   Doesn't she look like a little model here?

She got together with all of her baby friends in town a few weeks ago. It is crazy how big they are all getting!


Here they were back in June:
Becoming little people!!

On the development front, she's getting closer and closer to walking!   She can now use her little walker (and LOVES it), climb stairs and stand unassisted!  I caught it all on video...

On the sleep front..  Ugh.  Horrible.  What the heck?  After a good month stretch where she only got up once a night, she's back to getting up every hour again.  When will this stop?? Maddening, I tell you!  She does look cute taking a rest on Gibson's dog bed though... *rolls eyes*

Whelp, that's all for now.  Next Hadley post will be her BIRTHDAY post!  Can. Not. Believe. It.



Lindsay said...

Gosh, I just love this! I can't believe she will be a year either! I love following all of you guys, I feel like you're our twin family with the corgi and the baby! Looking forward to her birthday post, that's for sure!

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