Monday, September 24, 2012

Calendar Photo Strips

This is just a little post to let people know that I swear I am not crazy :)  You may have seen the announcement saying that the 2013 Corgis! Calendar is now available to buy! Well, along with that announcement, I also sent out about 75 emails telling people that their photo has been featured in the calendar.. and I've received back about 75 emails from people telling me that I am nutzo and their dog is not in the calendar afterall.

Kidding about the 75, but it seems like I have confused people, so I thought I'd blow the calendar up a bit so you can see...

There are little photo strips at the bottom of each page featuring 8-10 more photos (other than the winner)!  I thought this was a way to spread the love a little bit and since there were SO MANY adorable photos submitted!  I am sorry that they are not bigger, but it is something, right? :)

Here are all twelve that you can click on to view larger.  Hope you like them and that this clears things up!


LEsherick said...

Yes I love that you included everyone and loved seeing Laci in the Calender and on the cover.

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