Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Months


Hadley Girl turned 10 months old last week!  Double digits.. seems so much older than 9 months! And she is starting to seem more and more like a little person!  She's got quite the little personality.  Always laughing and being a little stinker.  There are times when she knows she's doing something naughty, look back at us and laugh and then keep going!  How do you discipline a cute thing like that??



Let's get the sleep talk over with.. she's doing much better *knock knock knock on wood*.  She is now only getting up twice at night!  This is down from about 8 for most of the spring/summer.  I will take it! And yes, I still nurse her at night.  It works for us both for now.  I'd love for her to not want to eat during the night anymore, but it is what she needs so I'm not going to deprive her and it keeps her tummy full, which means she sleeps more soundly and for longer stretches.. Can't mess with that!


Speaking of eating, I've just about given up on feeding this girl with a spoon.  She wants nothing of it!  Plus, I feel like I'm waisting money making/buying baby purees.  She just doesn't want them anymore.  SO  we're pretty much 100% baby led weaning.  She eats what I eat and then  she also likes those little baby food pouches since she can hold on to it herself.


Such an independent little girl!  She also is now drinking out of a sippy cup with a straw.  She was having problems with a typical sippy cup, so I bought her a straw cup so she doesn't have to tip the cup up in the air when it gets empty.  Works great!  Other than that, she still loves breast feeding and I'm proud that I have made it 10 months.  Only 2 months to go to make it to a year!  Although, I have a feeling she's going to want to keep going for some time after that...

She loves to crawl and zooms all over the place.  She is so fast!  I had just about given up on her wanting to learn to walk, but just this past week she's been cruising on furniture like crazy!  She's really learning how to move those legs, so maybe she'll learn to walk before we know it!


Lots of exciting things have happened this month...

She went to her first Car Show:

She went on her first vacation:


Visited her first beach:

Took her first boat ride:

Saw a fountain for the first time:DSC_8192

Swam in a lake:

Ate her first pickle!

Got her second tooth!

Got her first cold :(  Poor baby:

And pretty much looked like the prettiest baby that ever existed...DSC_8406

As usual :)


Karen said...

she is so cute. love her expression in the pickle picture. Also great to see her hair growing in. its amazing how some babies are born bald and others have a total head of hair when born.

shes really cute, hope gibsons ready for when shes able to walk. i bet hes as nervous as you are!

Candy said...

Very cute! Though from that picture of Hadley and Gibson at the window, am not sure who's teaching who to walk!

Matthew Carroll-Schmidt said...

Ironically, I was using your blog as the feed for on facebook.

sally said...

I love the photo of Hadley and Gibson at the window, my husband took a photo like that of our daughter and corgi when he was taller then her. It is still to this day one of my favorite pictures of those two.

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