Monday, August 20, 2012



2 weeks ago, we went on vacation to Michigan.  It was our first family vacation with Hadley and guess who got to come with?  Mr. Gibson!  Yes, it was his first official vacation with us too! He usually gets dumped off with my parents :)




We had a good time.  There was (mostly) beautiful weather and we spent a lot of time relaxing.  We went there with Ben's parents and sister so we had some built in baby sitters so Ben and I could get away on our own from time to time. Yay!


It was way fun throwing him in the lake off the dock :)

Gibson got to spend a week on a lake, which was fun for him... but we were on a kind of busy street with no fence, so he didn't have very much freedom.. And because of the busy street, which didn't have a sidewalk or even a shoulder, there were no walks for him :(   Poor dude.. but he did get to swim and ride in a Kayak!



He also loved walking in the water then drying himself off in the sand.. So, he was really clean the whole week ;)



Hadley got to ride in a boat for the first time and she LOVED it!  She just giggled the whole time and then she ate and passed out for an hour :)  I think she liked looking at the water the whole time and enjoyed being around her grandparents and aunt.  Fresh faces!


She was also quite excited about this fountain.  Look how tiny she looks!DSC_8185

And the glass door was super fun!DSC_8142

Her aunt brought her two dogs and they actually let Hadley pet them!  That makes 3 black dogs (her two and my parent's black lab) that let her pet them and 1 grumpy corgi that won't let her near him *rolls eyes*

We came home a day early because of rain and we were all super excited to get back.  Gibson couldn't wait to sleep on his own bed and Hadley crawled like crazy around the house laughing at all her toys she hadn't seen in a week :)

We're already planning next year's vacation, and can't wait!  Hadley is going to be a little walking talking person by then!




Lisa Harris said...

Seriously Gibson you were in Michigan and you didn't look us up? Hey dude its Beau and Max here of Blue Water Corgis and we live in Traverse City. Next time you hit the Michigan border make sure to give us a woof we would love to meet you and your family. Tell your mom great pics of your vacay and we love the life vest!

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