Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kong Squeezz Ropes


About a month ago (or more, I'm losing track of time), we were sent two Kong toys to review: the Kong Squeezz Double Ball with Rope and the Kong Squeezz Dumbbell With Rope .

AKA: What am I supposed to do with these? Toys.

Gibson has been such a dork about toys lately.  It's like he doesn't know what to do with them if they aren't Chuck-It balls or standard rope toys.  What a snooze *rolls eyes*

The two Squeezz toys are really cool though!  The plastic part is squishy and it squeaks and bounces!  And the squeaker is hidden so it can never come out.   The rope part is a little bit harder than normal rope toys.. which probably means it's less destructable. So, squeaky, squishy, bouncy.  Can be used for fetch or tug.  You'd think it'd be right up Gibson's ally.


Is this fun for you? Cause it's doin nothing for me.

He won't even touch the plastic part of either toys.  And he looks at me like I'm going to beat him with them when I show them to him.  He can at least grab the rope part of the purple one.. the green one, he can't even figure out how to grab that part!  And forget about the balls.. *rolls eyes*.   Maybe they are a  size too big for him??

Hadley wanted to show him how it was done..

Seriously, it is that hard, doggie??

Well, I hate to post another bad review, but Gibson is just not interested in these.  I do think they are nice toys though.  I really might think they were a size too big for his mouth :-/  Maybe they'd be good for your dog though!


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