Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hadley plays fetch with Gibson

I've been excited for Hadley to be big enough that she could play fetch with Gibson and she finally is!  Although, I thought she'd be the one tossing Gibson the ball, not the one that does the fetching ;)

Excuse my mess of a house and the fact that Hadley's outfit is not buttoned :)


Katie said...

That is the cutest video ever! 1st off Gibson is like what's this thing that keeps coming after me and my ball. Then its like siblings playing "hey! she took my ball!" Keep up with the blogging, pictures and videos! love them!!

Amy said...

She's just trying to be like her buddy Gibson. :-) I'm sure she'll get the hang of tossing it in no time.


Lisa Harris said...

I love how he tosses it back to her and gives her a look like come on now pick it up and throw it! He is so gentle with her.

Faith Shen said...

wow, I really enjoy watching them on the video, they look good together. Happy playtime.

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