Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gonna get the doggie!

Gibson is a very protective older brother.  It is obvious that he loves his baby sister.  He will give her sweet kisses and if anyone else comes near her, watch out! He will bark and bark as if to say, "hey! you are not her mom! back off!"  

But if she comes near him...

Oh no she di'int!


Haha, now that Hadley is mobile, she is terrorizing the poor dog!  He was asleep on his chair and she just went over to say bug him..


She thinks it's hilarious!

Gibson.. not so much.  I don't blame him that much though.. when she does get her paws on him, she doesn't pet.. she grabs fur!  Ouchie!   I am trying to teach her 'gentle'.   Hopefully they can interact better together at  some point soon :)

Until then.. it's pretty funny...


Sarah said...

my corgis are the same way with my daughter! They love her, especially when she has food, but they will run for their lives if she reaches for them.

Katie said...

I love the stinker face she makes! Too cute. At least they are both getting some exercise. :)

Sara Roxanne said...

Soo cute! Roxy is the exact same with with Darya, although she's coming around more now that Darya is more coordinated and can throw her the ball.

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