Monday, July 2, 2012

8 Months


Hadley baby turned 8 months on Friday!  And holy cow, SO much happened this month!  It's like she saved up all of her milestones to happen all at once.  First off, she's crawling!!!

After months of rocking and scooting backwards or in a circle, the girl all of sudden can crawl!  And she gets better at it every day. I'm truly amazed by babies!

She also can now sit up on her own no matter what position she is in.  It is so cute!  I now walk in to get her out of her crib and she's sitting up in a corner.  Adorable, I swear!  But it makes me sad that she is growing up so fast.  This is the first time I've really felt like she moving from being a baby to a toddler.  *Sigh* My sweet thing.


Another thing she does now.. she won't let me change her diaper!  As soon as I set her on her back, she flips over to her tummy and tries to crawl away.  So much fun!! (ha!)

Another new development.. she babbles like crazy :) Check her out in the tub:

She talks way more than me and her dad do! Such a little nut.  Oh and speaking of bath time... I can no longer leave her alone while I go get her bath ready, so I usually bring her with me and she sits on the floor naked while I fill her tub.  Well, she's been peeing EVERY TIME I set her down, so I broke down and bought her first potty!  And guess what?  She's peed every time I've sat her down on it! Is that crazy?  An 8 month old already starting to potty train?  Whatever, I'll take it :)

Other firsts this month...

Her first ride in a swing!

Her first art project! Making Daddy's Father's Day card :)

Her first ride down a slide!

Her first get together with ALL of her baby friends!

Her first time in the pool!

Oh and she can wave now!  Although, I'm not sure she really understands what it means.. but I'm trying to teach her hi and bye :)

In baby health news... Not sure if  you've noticed, but she has a red patch of eczema on her left cheek that we've been battling with for months.  It was so bad a month or so ago that it was constantly bleeding and oozing.  So gross.  Well, It is doing so much better now! Mainly because, since I am still nursing her, I have given up dairy :(  I know, it sucks.. but it seems to be helping my babe so I gotta do what I gotta do.  Still not sure that it is what is helping her or if it's just clearing up on her own or it's the lotion I bought her or what.. but I'm just going to keep at it.

In sleep news, she is not sleeping.   Well, I take that back.  She has become a great napper.  She usually gets about 3 hours of nap time a day, which is normal for a baby her age.  Nighttime sleeping is another story.  She's usually up every hour.  *sigh*  Right now, I am on day 5 of sleep training (the no cry method) and she is at least able to fall back asleep without me having to pick her up.  Only problem is that she does not stay asleep.  Separation anxiety is a big reason. Apparently it kicks in around 7.5 months for a lot of babies and it has for her in a big way.  For a few weeks straight she cried every time I got up and walked a few feet from her.  So, we're working on getting her used to me being away.  She's definitely getting better during the day, so maybe sleep will come soon.  Hopefully.  Or I might seriously become a zombie soon.

Ok, I think that's it.  Here are some obligatory cute Hadley pics for you! :)








Paula said...

omg she is soooooo cute!!! love those big blue eyes! she's growing up fast, those are some cute firsts!
Good luck on the sleeping!

Rachel said...

First of all, she makes the best faces ever. Seriously. This child is a ham! Adorbs!

Secondly, poor Gibson. I watched the little video of her crawling, and he is like, Holy crow, it's mobile! What the what?! Watch out, mammas! And then .... I will never know peace again, will I? Poor, poor Gibbs. :)

Lisa Harris said...

First of all she is simply the cutest little thing! She is quite the talker and it almost sounds like she is singing. Do you sing to her. Enjoy

Whosyergurl said...

LOTS of firsts! She is soooo adorable! I love all of the pics, but love that last one the most! xo, Cheryl

That corgi :) said...

She's so cute!! My mom told me this (I'm sure her mom told her this, LOL) but when you are changing Hadley's diaper, give her a toy to play with, something small. She'll play with that and won't want to turn away from you. Worked 99% of the time with mine when they were younger!


Dozer and Coop said...

Okay so you have the world's cutest baby. What eyes she has! I love the pictures, just a wonderful way to start my day, staring at your little wonder!

Love, Nancy

Dianna said...

I realize I am some random stranger - but I have been reading your blog for quite a while - so here is my advice about eczema - Since you are nursing - you could take evening primrose oil - "Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are required by the body for growth and development, and must be obtained from the diet."

As long as I take one capsule a day I don't get eczema - if I stop or forget a couple of days, the eczema comes back. Gamma-linolenic acid is in the fats we eat (like butter) but it is being processed out, so some of us are not getting enough.

This is an easy, organic fix that might help that cutie pie! Thanks for sharing her milestones and cute pics.

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