Thursday, June 14, 2012

Calendar Corgi of the Month: Bender!

on the wall

on my screen

Mr. June

Name: Bender
Blog: Bender's Adventure Dog Blog

June Calendar Ideas
(it's a great time to take those photos for next year's calendar!)

-Outdoor activities
-Father's Day

Note: Every month I'll be featuring the corgi of the month on the "Corgis (with blogs) Calendar" and giving tips on the types of photos I'll be looking for for the current month next year.


Ashley said...

I'm so excited to have found your blog. I'm a first time corgi owner too! He's 13 weeks now and so much fun! Your blog will definitely help me with what to expect in his upcoming years! Can't wait to read more :)

Chelsea said...

I love Bender! He was Maestro's secret santa last year :)

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