Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bad to the Bone


 The other day, I got a call that I did not expect.   We had just put in our air conditioners and I think I was enjoying the coolness here at my desk when Ben walked over and said, "Oh I guess you didn't hear me, your phone was ringing."  I went to check it and saw that it was an 815 number (our area code) and they left a voicemail.. Hmm, didn't recognize the number, but must be important.

"Hi, my name is Brent Smiley (fake name)."
Ok, don't know you, how did you get my number and what do you want? 
"I have your dog, Gibson, here."

So, yeah, while we were putting in the air conditioners, the door to our garage was open and Gibson wandered off and apparently followed some family down the sidewalk while they were taking a walk.  As soon as I heard, "I have your d-", I headed outside to see if I could see where they were.  Luckily, they were right next door.. but geez!  His collar tag finally came in handy!

This incident is just one of many naughty things that Gibson has pulled in the past few weeks.  Over Memorial Day, we were at the in-laws and he kept wandering off.  He's never done this!  We'd be sitting there having a nice time and then all a sudden I'd say, "Uh, where is Gibson?"  At one point he was three houses down in someone's backyard!   DOG!

He's also been having the time of his life chasing any animal he can out of our yard.   Squirrels, I can live with, since they just find the nearest fence or tree to climb up, but the other day it was a bunny and yesterday there was a cat!  Both of those times the animal (luckily) just ended up in our front yard and Gibson eventually came back when I called him.  I guess at least he has a good recall *rolls eyes*.

Oh and let's not forget about the EXCESSIVE BARKING.   Yes, I know I just did a post about how we got his barking under control.. Well, we slacked off a bit on the training and he's back to his usual Barkson self... TO THE EXTREME!   I swear, it is maddening.

I promise I give this dog attention!   I mean, yesterday, we went on a 40 minute walk, a 20 minute walk and also played fetch for 20 minutes outside!   Am I horrible dog owner? Am I neglecting him?  What more can I do??  Does anyone want a corgi??   Just kidding.. kind of.. ;)


That corgi :) said...

We'd take Gibson :)

I'm sure it is a hard adjustment on him; have you talked to the vet about it?


Katie said...

You wont get rid of Gibson! :) It must be something this summer, cause Whiskey has been a major butt lately too. Not listening, barking to no end, chasing the cats for no reason...etc.
Hope things get better with him!

Anonymous said...

Our corgi Leia took off after our neighbor's bichon Chutney last week and bit his tail and butt. She's not fond of other dogs - but hasn't done that before either.

Sarah said...

Is it just the day for bad corgi behavior? Chloe's been stealing my tomatoes off the vines!

JuLo said...

All I can think for advise is to say just constantly praise his good behavior. When he recalls, when he stays close to you. Stuff you don't notice he's doing right, notice! When he's calm and quite, praise. If you can find the moment. :p It's probably just his habits changing as he adjusts to the new routine. You definitely don't ignore him, but maybe you're not giving him all the right kinds of attention he needs? Like feeling like a good boy? I dunno. You are SO not a baby doggy mama! Boys will be boys. Hang in there. :)

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