Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 Months

Hadley is 7 months old!


And helmet free!!!


She "graduated" from the DOC Band yesterday.  Basically, she grew out of it and we decided she looked good enough instead of getting a second helmet.  Works for us!   No more driving an hour there and back every week for a 5 minute appointment.  No more stinky helmet head.  No more plastic ripping my arm hairs off.  No more not being able to see my baby girl's face.  No more weird glances out in public.  We're free!

I will kind of miss it though.  She did look super cute, and it was nice knowing that if she bonked her head on something she wasn't going to get hurt :)   And the long drives kind of grew on me.  Something to do.. haha.  BUT overall we are sooo excited that she is done!

Hmm, what else happened this month?  Oh yes, I continued my craftiness and made her a dress!


And she looks freakin' adorable in it :)


I need to start crafting something else..  Maybe a blanket or another dress...

In sleep news, she started sleeping pretty well at night and only got up once or twice usually.  We have been waiting for her helmet to get off, thinking once it did she'd sleep like an angel.  Well, last night was one of the worst nights in months!   I've been up since about 1:30. Ugh.  I guess she got pretty comfy with the helmet and now not having it feels weird.  Poor thing.  I hope she gets it squared away soon!

I also think she's teething pretty hard and maybe.. JUST MAYBE.. she might get a tooth soon.   She's been drooling like crazy and chomping on anything she can get her teeth on.  Like.. mommy's chin?

photo (3)

We took her to her first White Sox game a few weeks ago.. and it was..... more interesting than her first Cardinals game ;) She normally goes to sleep around 6 and the game was at 7, so she was tired from the start and just was not a happy camper.   Finally around 9 or so my sister got her to fall asleep.

photo (5)

 Fun times!  Well, it was fun, but also kind of stressful.  I can't wait for events like this to be fun for Hadley and not just overwhelming.  Next up, a Wilco/Andrew Bird concert in July! Eep! Not sure what we're thinking haha.  :)

She also started sitting in shopping carts this month!  It makes shopping so much easier and she loves it!

photo (6)

Solid foods have been going ok.   She definitely has to be in a good mood for me to try to feed her.   And she much prefers mommy's homemade baby food instead of the jarred kind.  I also just kind of let her try things that I am eating.  She seems to like that too, but never wants very much.  Still likes mommy's milk best of all I guess!

She has been more and more interested in moving every day.   She will stay on her tummy for much longer periods of time and is trying to figure out crawling.  She was just kind of spinning around in a circle and scooting backwards, but today she actually was trying to get up on all fours and move forward!  She just kind of kept falling down every time she tried, but it's a start!   I'm excited for her to start moving because she seems like she gets so frustrated not being able to go anywhere.  I'm sure once she is going  I wish she'd stay put, but as long as she's happy :)

She's also been really into standing :)


It's hard to get her to sit anymore! She just straightens up like a board and wants to put her feet down on the ground.  She's really good at balancing and is pretty close to being able to stand by herself!  Crazy!

Oh and she FINALLY figured out rolling over last week.  We were kind of worried about that!

Over Memorial Day weekend, she had her first pool experience and she was not a fan.. but she looked darn cute!


Ok, I think that's it.  I know, I am neglecting Gibson on the blog (and the blog in general), so I will try to get some of him up here soon!  In the meantime.. more Hadley cuteness!!






Sara Roxanne said...

Oh my goodness she is ADORABLE! I love it!!

AbiSanchez said...

Hello! Just wondering, where did you get those monthly onesies? :)

Kelly said...

@AbiSanchez The ones in the photo are photoshopped on, but I do have them available for purchase here: :)

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