Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 Months

Hadley is 7 months old!


And helmet free!!!


She "graduated" from the DOC Band yesterday.  Basically, she grew out of it and we decided she looked good enough instead of getting a second helmet.  Works for us!   No more driving an hour there and back every week for a 5 minute appointment.  No more stinky helmet head.  No more plastic ripping my arm hairs off.  No more not being able to see my baby girl's face.  No more weird glances out in public.  We're free!

I will kind of miss it though.  She did look super cute, and it was nice knowing that if she bonked her head on something she wasn't going to get hurt :)   And the long drives kind of grew on me.  Something to do.. haha.  BUT overall we are sooo excited that she is done!

Hmm, what else happened this month?  Oh yes, I continued my craftiness and made her a dress!


And she looks freakin' adorable in it :)


I need to start crafting something else..  Maybe a blanket or another dress...

In sleep news, she started sleeping pretty well at night and only got up once or twice usually.  We have been waiting for her helmet to get off, thinking once it did she'd sleep like an angel.  Well, last night was one of the worst nights in months!   I've been up since about 1:30. Ugh.  I guess she got pretty comfy with the helmet and now not having it feels weird.  Poor thing.  I hope she gets it squared away soon!

I also think she's teething pretty hard and maybe.. JUST MAYBE.. she might get a tooth soon.   She's been drooling like crazy and chomping on anything she can get her teeth on.  Like.. mommy's chin?

photo (3)

We took her to her first White Sox game a few weeks ago.. and it was..... more interesting than her first Cardinals game ;) She normally goes to sleep around 6 and the game was at 7, so she was tired from the start and just was not a happy camper.   Finally around 9 or so my sister got her to fall asleep.

photo (5)

 Fun times!  Well, it was fun, but also kind of stressful.  I can't wait for events like this to be fun for Hadley and not just overwhelming.  Next up, a Wilco/Andrew Bird concert in July! Eep! Not sure what we're thinking haha.  :)

She also started sitting in shopping carts this month!  It makes shopping so much easier and she loves it!

photo (6)

Solid foods have been going ok.   She definitely has to be in a good mood for me to try to feed her.   And she much prefers mommy's homemade baby food instead of the jarred kind.  I also just kind of let her try things that I am eating.  She seems to like that too, but never wants very much.  Still likes mommy's milk best of all I guess!

She has been more and more interested in moving every day.   She will stay on her tummy for much longer periods of time and is trying to figure out crawling.  She was just kind of spinning around in a circle and scooting backwards, but today she actually was trying to get up on all fours and move forward!  She just kind of kept falling down every time she tried, but it's a start!   I'm excited for her to start moving because she seems like she gets so frustrated not being able to go anywhere.  I'm sure once she is going  I wish she'd stay put, but as long as she's happy :)

She's also been really into standing :)


It's hard to get her to sit anymore! She just straightens up like a board and wants to put her feet down on the ground.  She's really good at balancing and is pretty close to being able to stand by herself!  Crazy!

Oh and she FINALLY figured out rolling over last week.  We were kind of worried about that!

Over Memorial Day weekend, she had her first pool experience and she was not a fan.. but she looked darn cute!


Ok, I think that's it.  I know, I am neglecting Gibson on the blog (and the blog in general), so I will try to get some of him up here soon!  In the meantime.. more Hadley cuteness!!





Monday, May 7, 2012

Kong Zoom Groom

Last month, I reviewed some Kong products that I was not too thrilled with and mentioned that I also received a Zoom Groom that I needed to review again because I did not read the directions.  I thought it was just a brush, but it is so much more than that! It's actually meant for shampooing.  And it rocks!!



I gave Gibson a bath on Friday and tested the Zoom Groom out the way that it was supposed to be used.  I squirted some dog shampoo on it and got scrubbing Gibson!  Seriously, it was probably the best bath Gibson has ever had.  I never used to feel like I got him that clean because I couldn't get to his undercoat very well.  And his butt hair was impossible since it is so thick.  This takes care of that!  I got way down into his fur way quicker than ever before.  And the hair that came out.. OMG.  So gross, but so awesome at the same time.  And the hair kept coming out afterwards.  I brushed him and brushed him and crazy amounts of hair fell off of him.  I've never seen him so fluffy or smooth.

I attempted to take a video (one handed) of Gibson getting a bath with the Zoom Groom.  It was about as tough as it sounds haha.  He escaped once and I finally had to put the camera down to rinse him off properly, but you should be able to get the gist ;)

I forgot to take a photo of him afterwards but trust me... so fluffy!!!   So fluffy, I might need this shirt...

So, in conclusion (ha), I think every corgi owner should own a Zoom Groom.. Seriously!  It's A-Mah-Zing! Go get one!! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6 Months



Hadley had her 1/2 birthday on Sunday!  Can you believe it?  I kind of can.  It's be a long 6 months.. haha. This past month has probably been the hardest so far.  She started it off just whining all day most days and then not sleeping AT ALL.  She would get up 8+ times every night.  I was soooo completely sleep deprived.  After reading the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", I realized that she was so upset and not sleeping because she was so overtired.  SO we started a new bedtime routine at 5:30 every day and her sleeping has become so much better since.  AND *knock on wood* I'm happy to say that last night she slept 12 hours straight without waking up once!!  WOOOOO!


This was her first full month with the helmet too.  It has been ok.  She doesn't seem to mind it at all anymore... and I even look forward to driving to her appointments every week, which are about an hour away.  Something to do I guess.. haha.  She's been making great progress, they say, and should be done with the band in 2-3 weeks.  Ugh, I can't wait!!  It's really not THAT big of a pain, but I just want to have a normal child that can go places without being stared at.  I really don't mind it that much, but still.  I just want people to see my adorable baby and not her helmet. And I'd love to be able to hold my child without some hard plastic digging into my arm. Oucha.

The helmet has totally cleared up most of the scratches on her head and forehead, which is nice.. but because of that she has taken up scratching her cheek like CRAZY!  She was actually just prescribed some antibiotic ointment for it because it has become mildly infected. Poor baby :(  

Other that that, there really hasn't been any problems with the band at all.  Still can't wait to be done with it though :)

Hadley celebrated her first Easter this month!  Look at the pretty little girl...

That outfit came off quick though, cause we actually took her to her first baseball game that day!  We went to see the St. Louis Cardinals play up in Milwaukee!DSC01622

That was interesting.. haha.   We at first had seats way up high and it was so crowded and we were right underneath the speakers and the air conditioning (It was freezing!).   We immediately starting looking for somewhere else to sit because Hadley was obviously freaking out a bit.  We found an empty section of bleachers and made our way there after the 1st inning.  SO MUCH BETTER!  I was able to nurse her and change her without bothering anyone and had so much more room.  Bleachers rock :)

Another development this month.. She can sit unassisted!

And I caught it on tape :)

AND she tried her first solids..  DSC_5974
Which I stopped for a few weeks and am going to try again now.  I didn't know what I was doing.. haha.   She had her 6 month checkup on Monday and they explained all about starting solids so I feel a little better about it now.  We'll see how it goes.

Her checkup went pretty well.  She weighs WAY less than I thought.  14.1lbs.  Only up about a half pound since her 4 month visit.  The doctor says this is totally fine though and she is just slowing down to the proportions that she'll actually be.  They say a baby is supposed to double their weight by 6 months, which would make Hadley almost 18lbs!  Her doc said since she started off so big, it's normal not to double.  Plus since Ben and I are on the smaller side, she probably will be too :)  Yay!

I've broken out my sewing machine this past week and started using some of her monthly photoshoot fabric!  I first made a 'pacifier catcher' for her crib.  It's pretty much a crib bumper, but it's sole purpose is to catch her damn binks that always fall down behind her crib.  I was having to move her crib 2 or 3 times a night to go get them for her.  Not fun.  This catches them all and looks super cute :)DSC_6049

I also made her some baby blocks!   I was going to buy her some soft blocks but then Ben said that I could totally make them myself.  I didn't believe him, but then I found this tutorial on pinterest and decided to get to work!
I love them!!  I added some plastic to make them crinkle and little tins of altoids and tic tacs inside to make them rattle.  So crafty I am ;)

Hadley likes them too!  She loves shaking them and putting them in her mouth (of course).  Plus they are super cute...

Speaking of putting things in her mouth.. She is still teething pretty hard, but no teeth yet!   I decided to get her a baltic amber teething necklace to help with the pain.   It's supposed to be a natural pain reliever somehow.. don't ask me haha.   Not sure if it actually works, but she has been more pleasant since we got it for her.

Hmm I think that's it! Long update this time :)  

And now it's time for some cute Hadley pics!!



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