Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kong Flops

No, that's not the name of a new dog toy..   It's what I call the two toys that I was sent in the mail a few weeks ago.  Total flops.

The first was the Kong Traxx.  DSC_5814
Basically a tire that you are supposed to put treats in and it bounces (a little).  Gibson did not care.  I put some treats in it and he quickly got them out (in like 5 seconds) and then walked away. I tossed it for him to see if he liked how it bounced, but he just ran after it, sniffed it (and saw there were no treats) and walked away.  I think one problem with it is that the small size is way to small for corgis.  Maybe a medium would be better.  Also, since it doesn't squeak Gibson thinks it is lame.  Ah well.

The next toy is the Kong Safestix....
It's supposed to be a "safe" stick for dogs to play with, since it won't splinter or get sharp and stab someone.. haha.  Ummmm... Gibson is afraid of it, and I (along with everyone else I  showed it to) think it's weird because.. ummmm... it looks very..... phallic.

It looks worse w/o the packaging.. haha.  Who designed this thing??!   Ok, that's all I'm going to say about that.  Let's keep this family friendly ;)

They also sent me a Kong Zoom Groom, which I was not impressed by, but I figured out that I was using it completely wrong, so I am going to have to use it the right away and write a proper review :)

And I am working on my post for  "Operation Don't Bark!"  so look for that soon!  

Life has been absolutely sleep deprived and crazy so thanks for your patience with me!! :)


Kristina Koutsouvilis said...

I work at a pet store and am very interested in your opinions. I've not seen either of those Kong toys on our shelves. The safe stick I am GLAD we don't have. ;)

I am also wondering, how could you use the Zoom Groom wrong? Well, anyway, when you try it out again, let us know what you think. I've had one and used it for years on my corgi's and my cat. I love it. If you're looking for the BEST brush, put your money on the FURminator. You will not be disappointed.

Benhur the corgi said...

Totally agree about those toys!!!!!!! (cover eyes)
On the zoom groom.... My mummy got me one of those when we were back in Singapore. A good friend told us to use it while bathing me and it works great! It lathers the shampoo well and I get de-shedded too. Mummy also uses it on me during the 'rinse' cycle to ensure the soap suds are cleared from my skin. Last tip, it seems to work better when brushing against the direction of fur. :)

laura said...

Thank you! I almost bought one of those kong traxx. I have two Pembroke puppies, and have not been able to find anything they cant destroy within a half hour....and thats the "tough" toys. If it doesnt squeak, they dont want it. Any suggestions?

Lisa Harris said...

Kelly, happy to see a post! I agree with your evals of the 2 toys. YIKES! On 'operation no bark
' I tried to email you but it was sent back. OK I finally broke down and got Maxwell the Bark Control collar from PetSafe. (50.00) It gives a tone warning and then a zap. I have used it a couple of times when I need him to be quiet. Works great. You are not supposed to leave it on them all day. I had tried all the other tricks with no luck. Hope your little Hadley is doing well with her helmet. Does she have to sleep with it on? Take Care

Kelly said...

@Kristina Koutsouvilis I was just using it as a brush, but then I read the directions and saw that you are supposed to use it during bath time! Duh! And a big bummer is that I gave Gibson a bath yesterday and could have used it. Doh!

Kelly said...

@lauraI love any of the ChuckIT balls. Dogs love them and they are super long lasting. Also any of the "Cuz" balls. "BadCuz", "GoodCuz" and "OtherCuz". They squeak a lot :)

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