Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Furminator Products Review!

Looking this good doesn't happen on accident...

It takes these!!

Furminator  has a new line of products, of which they graciously sent me 2 to try out!  There are 11 new products, so I wondered which 2 I would choose.. Well, they made that easy with a handy dandy tool on their website.  Click here and click on "Tell Us About Your Dog".  Just click on the boxes that most closely describe your dog and they will tell you which tools to choose!

So what did Gibson (and I am guessing most corgis) end up with?

The Small Firm Slicker Brush!

The slicker brush is really cool..  It is split down the middle so it is super flexible and gentle on sensitive doggie parts (head, tummy, legs).  I can brush from side to side or up and down, which is really helpful when Gibson is squirming around.  There are two lengths of bristles on each side, so I used the short  side for most of his body and then the long side for his butt fluff! It really worked out well

Another neat thing is that it comes with a cover for the brush!DSC_5480

The other product I received was the Curry Comb!

Which looks like a computer mouse with fun little nubbies on the back... :)DSC_5479

I did not have high hopes for the Curry Comb.  I figured it just would kind of flatten Gibson's coat and be a waste of money.. But I was wrong!! I could not believe how much hair came out of Gibson AFTER I had just brushed him with the slicker brush for 10 minutes.  It was just flying out!  Amazing. The only thing.. You HAVE to use this outside.  The slicker brush (like most brushes) catches the hair, so you don't really have to worry about brushing in the house... but this thing does not.. Overall though, love it :)

One thing I did not like.. The brushes came in those really hard to open plastic containers that you have to open with scissors... and when I finally got it open, I saw that I cut through some of the directions.... Oops!  I hate those stupid containers!!!DSC_5483

So, anyways.. yesterday, it was a beautiful day (80 degrees, what what!), so I took Hadley outside to watch me groom Gibson :)

Here are some before and after photos of our session...




I think his butt is the biggest difference.  Mostly because he refuses to let the 'original' furminator touch it.  Guess it hurts his little booty.  :)

Final product!

And the hair...

Cute baby.. :)

I really like these new furminator products.  It's great that there are tools custom fit for your dog.  They were tough on corgi fur, but at the same time, nice and gentle.. if that makes sense :)   Give them a try!! :)


Laurie said...

Oh nice!! I def need these!!! You can totally see the difference on Gibby! Awesome. You always get the cool stuff for free! HAHA.

Lisa Harris said...

Kelly, thanks for the info, this is definitely the time of year for massive spring shedding. I will check them out. Hadley looking adorable in her bumble!

Aparna B. said...

We have a furminator! It works amazing. You'd think we had another dog with all the hair that gets brushed out o_O

Kana said...

Thanks for the honest review! I was just at the pet store today and saw both of those and wondered how they would work out. My puppy is almost a month old and I can't wait until I get to bring her home! Stocking up on the supplies now!

Whosyergurl said...

I use the original furminator. We are in the midst of Spring Shed big time here, or as I refer to it- "the molt!" Hadley is so adorable and I can't get over how she has grown!
xo, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I love Gibson's collar! Where did you find it?

Kelly said...


BIg Doggy Bling on Etsy!

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