Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Months


Hadley baby is 5 months old today!

Oh yeah, and she got a helmet on Monday..5monthshelmet

Of course I cutified it for her :)

All of her (yeah right) favorite things on it.  Owls, St. Louis Cardinals, White Sox, her name and.... corgis!!

So, why did she need a helmet (A DOC Band to be exact)?  Here's a little video I found that explains it pretty well:

Basically, when she was in the womb, she was positioned a certain way that made her head tilt to one side.  This made the muscles on the other side of the neck really tight and she was not able to turn it to the right. This is called Torticollis (and we now do stretches several times a day to correct it).   We did not notice it until she was about 2 months old.   Because she kept putting her head to one side, she developed a flat spot and because of that her facial features shifted and the plates of her skull are out of place.  This can cause hearing and jaw problems down the line if it does not round out.  SOO she got a helmet to fix it.   Here is a good shot of her odd shaped head..

No baby books had anything about you needing to reposition the baby every time they go to sleep.  They didn't tell us it at the hospital, the nurse that visited us did not tell us and our pediatrician did not tell us at our first few visits either.  Seems like important information for new moms if you ask me!!  Oh well though.  Just gotta wear the thing for hopefully only 6-9 weeks and then she'll have a perfect noggin' :)

The rest of this month has been good though, other than the head drama.  She's starting to really want to move around.   This is her newest trick. Climbing out of the boppy:

She's getting better at tummy time. She can hold her head up for longer periods of time and can scoot around when she really wants something.   She has stopped rolling over.  I think she decided that she did not like it.  She prefers to use her legs anyways.  I hold her up and she jumps on my lap or tries to walk across the room.  It is super cute :)
Gibson still likes her from a distance..  He'll go up and sniff her and lick her face, but if she grazes his fur with her pinky finger, look out!  Grumpson comes out in full force!  His barking is driving us batty (especially since Hadley wakes up from loud noises now.. joy), so we're trying to train him to be quiet..  We'll see how that goes.  He lovvvvves is barking *rolls eyes*

Sleeping has been a real issue.  She is up 3-4 or 5 times a night.  I bought a sleep training book to hopefully get her on a better schedule.   This helmet is making that a little hard though....


Teething has been in full force too.  Her hands are always in her mouth!!  There is one tooth that has looked like it is about to pop out for almost 2 months now.  I am always surprised when I look and it is still just a sharp little bump in her gums and no white thing popping through.   It's crazy to think of how many teeth we are going to have to go through this with! hahaDSC_5566
You can see her lopsided head pretty well in this one too..

Other than that, she gets more and more beautiful every day.DSC_5612

Don'tcha think?


Paula said...

She's such a cutie! And those blue eyes! WOW!

Lisa Harris said...

She's the best. Love the helmet. So pretty in pink.

Boo's Mom said...

She is just gorgeous!

Angela said...

She's so beautiful Kelly! She's growing up just way too fast!

That corgi :) said...

I just love the picture of Hadley and Gibson; the looks on their faces; too precious!

That is interesting about the toricollis, Kelly. I had heard the term but wasn't familiar with it. The helmet is cute though and it is neat that it is only for 6-9 weeks. I know some kids with hip problems that are in casts for months.

She's absolutely gorgeous!


Sara Roxanne said...

So sweet - she's adorable! Good luck with the sleep issues. It took us almost 8 months. Since Monday and weaning at night Darya has been sleeping at least 10+ hour straight. It's a miracle. Her doc band is awesome - love the designs!

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