Friday, March 2, 2012

4 months

My little Hadley turned 4 months old on Wednesday!DSC_5217

She's my little snuggly peanut!  I swear, she gets cuter and cuter every day.  We had our 4 month check up the other day and she now weighs 13lbs 8oz and is 24.75" long.  I swear, she seems so much bigger than that!  I've been thinking she had to be over 15lbs but nope (my arms fall asleep when I feed her)!   I'm glad we have some more time for her to stay in her infant car seat :)

She was a little fussy pot at the doctors this time (she got woken up from a nap for it), but her doc said she was doing great!  BUT her head is still misshapen I guess :(  We have to take her to a specialist to have it evaluated to see if she might need a helmet :(  Ugh.  It doesn't look THAT bad to me, so hopefully it's something that can just even it's self out on it's own.
I still love your head kiddo

I don't know, she is perfect to me..

We'll see how it goes.....

On a happier note... she loves Gibson!!  He is her new toy.  She loves to watch him and smile and laugh at him.  Whenever she's being kind of restless, I sit her on my lap and call the dog over and her eyes light up!  I hope he feels the same way about her once she can actually interact with him :)DSC_5214

She's been trying to move more and more every day.  The day after she turned 3 months, she rolled over!  She did a few more times a few weeks later and then got bored with it.  Now she is into rolling from her back to her tummy and moving all over the place.  I will set her down on her play mat, and when I come back to check on her she is lying in the complete opposite direction!  We decided to get her an exersaucer last weekend so she can play with things and bounce and 'walk' around and she's liking it so far!

Speaking of walks, going on them is one of the highlights of her day!  No matter how cranky she is, she calms down and loves to look around when we take Gibson out.   I can't wait til the weather is nicer and we can use the stroller!

She's been teething for a few weeks now, so that is fun.   We have all sorts of teething toys for her, but her favorite thing to chew on is our fingers/knuckles.   So, that should be fun when she actually has teeth.. ha.

Last month I said she didn't nap.. well, now she naps and doesn't sleep as well at night... Win some, ya lose some :)

Hmm, what else?   Oh yeah, she's cute :)


Debbie V. said...

Her eyes are like jewels.

Sharon said...

Your little angel has the prettiest eyes and I love the pics with her "corgi brother"!

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