Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow Day

Last Thursday, we got what was *hopefully* our last snow storm of the season and Gibson took advantage of the fun fetching surface :)






And walks have been extra fun for him.  Here is how we look now when we go for walks:


Now I think I'm known as the crazy lady that walks the corgi and has the cute baby with her :)

All for now! Have a great day :)


Lisa Harris said...

you three look so cute! Try to remember though we still have another month of winter! LOL, here in MI we feel like we haven't really had winter ( a true winter). We keep dreaming of spring though.

Tracey said...

Great pics! I am so jealous of your snow- we didn't get any this year. I really wanted to see how Ginger reacted to it. Oh well, maybe next year!

Sara Roxanne said...

Adorable! It's far colder where you're at, but you look like me on a walk - Darya in the Ergo in front and the corgi on a leash. Darya tries to contort herself in the ergo to make sure she's aware of what Roxy is doing at all times, it's pretty cute!

Erin said...

You have quite the adorable little setup there! I am so envious of your snow. I really wanted Marcus to be able to play in it, since he seems to love what little we have just as much as the rest of his Corgi brethren. But the other downside of no real winter is that allergy season is starting hard and fast. Poor puppy :-(

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