Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dog Pile on Mommy!

Remember when I was all like, "My baby doesn't nap! But that's ok cause she sleeps through night, woohoo!"   Well, that's over with :(   Hadley is apparently teething already.  I know. I didn't know babies started teething so early either.  It is totally messing up her ability to sleep..


The past week and a half, maybe two weeks, she has barely slept at night unless it's on top of me.  I am so exhausted!  And apparently so is everyone else..


Gibson actually is on top of me because we were watching Top Chef and he FREAKS out when their kitchen timers go off.  It's as bad as when our smoke detectors chirp *rolls eyes*.


Oh well, I can't complain about my kids wanting to cuddle with me when they are scared or in pain I guess..

I would like some more sleep though :)


Lisa Harris said...

You will treasure these photos. Praying for a restful night for all of you.

JuLo said...

Naw, but just think! In a few years you'll forget how tired you are, but be so glad for such a wonderful picture to remember your snuggle sessions. :)

Sarah said...

I swear by teething homeopathy.

Lisa Harris said...

Happy Valentines Day

Boo's Mom said...

This will pass. Do you have a amber teething necklace for Hadley? Some of my young mother friends swear by them...

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