Friday, February 24, 2012

Caption This! (Facebook Contest)

I posted this photo over on my Facebook page the other day and asked you all for a caption:


Well, guess what!  I'm turning this into a little contest :)  Click here to see all of the caption and 'Like' the one that you like the best (if for some reason the link does not work, you may need to 'like' Corgi Butts on Facebook first.  Click here to do that).  Whoever gets the most likes wins a $5 gift certificate!  Feel free to vote for as many as you'd like and enter as many captions as you'd like.   Contest ends on Monday, February 27th when I will announce the winner :)

Congrats to Ruiz Di for the winning caption! "The intrepid corgi tamer shows no fear while amazing us with the brave act of putting her head in the jaws of the ferocious hungry corgi."

Oh and look at how big Hadley is getting..  Gibson looks like a shrimp next to her!DSC_5053


DIRR said...

Both your babies are super cute! How do I redeem the card? Hope you are having a great weekend too.

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