Friday, January 27, 2012

I love cloth diapers :)


What? You know I love talking about Gibson's bathroom  habits,  you didn't think I'd want to talk about my daughter's too?? ;)   But it's true... I love cloth diapering!!   Honestly, I think everyone should do it.  It's easy, it's cost-effective, and it's eco-friendly!

I know what you're thinking.. "Easy? Yeah right!"  But it is.  It probably takes about 30 extra seconds per diaper change compared to disposables.  Yes, there is a lot of laundry to be done, but it's easy laundry and babies already need things washed about every day anyways.

The eco-friendliness is a great perk too, but what really made us choose to go cloth is the cost.  They say you'll save close to $2000 by choosing cloth over disposables.  Seriously!  Yes, the upfront cost is more, but it's more than worth it.  And if you choose the diapers that we did, you can get way more bang for your buck.

Oh and did I mention that they are super cute?



So much more fun than ucky disposables, don't you think?  Yes, they are kind of bulky.   In fact, Hadley is only 3 months old (omg), but she wears 6month clothes already! Haha, but she is a big girl to begin with..  Oh yeah, and they are fun to pair with different outfits..  Her diapers can add a nice pop of color to a sleeper ;)

If you are still reading this, you might be interested in some more details about what diapers we use.  Well, we went the super economical route and chose prefold diapers! Flip prefolds and covers to be exact..


They are organic and made by the same people who make Bum Genius diapers, so the quality is great! Prefolds seem a little complicated compared to All-in-Ones, but I actually think they are easier.  We own some Bum Genius Elementals as well and it seems like so much extra laundry since the cover is attached.  With prefolds, you can reuse the cover over and over again until it gets dirty (which usually only happens when she poops), so you just lift her butt up and replace the prefold.   With the All-In-Ones, you have to replace the entire thing.  I don't know, call me crazy, but that seems like more work.  Also, the prefolds dry sooo much faster!

Anyways, we have been using cloth diapers since Hadley was 5 days old.  A lot of people wait til their babies are a little older, but I did not want to spend any money on disposables, so I wanted to get the show on the road :)   For when she was tiny (which wasn't very long), I bought some cheap generic prefolds..


..and size XS Thirsties brand covers (which are now in the drawer of things that do not fit Hadley anymore)..

The prefolds still fit her (and should til she's about 18lbs), so they really bulk up our 'stash' of diapers.  We currently have 24 of the generic prefolds and 18 of the Flip brand prefolds and also 6 of the Flip covers.  About the perfect size for our little pee pod.  Seriously, this girl pees more than anyone one ever.  And she does not like being wet one bit and lets us know! :) Which means.. lots  of diaper changes!

This is another reason why I love cloth.. my baby will pee, and then pee 10 minutes after you change her and then poop right when you put on a new diaper.  That's 3 diapers in a matter of minutes.  It'd just be throwing away money w/disposables.  Means lots of laundry, but we have that under control..

We toss each dirty diaper in our handy dandy wet bags!  We hang one by each changing table (one up in her nursery and one down stairs attached to her pack and play) and they make clean up a breeze!


When they get full, it means it's time for laundry!  It usually takes about a day and a half to fill up both bags.  I counted the other day, and that meant 28 diapers, 31 wipes and 3 covers.   Oh yes, did I mention we do cloth wipes too?  haha.. That's a whole nuther post ;)


So, anyways, the wet bags are cool cause you throw them in the wash right along with your dirty dipes and wipes :)  Which means, no touch of gross poopy diapers.  They also keep the smell in, so your house doesn't stink.  Win-win!

For the detergent, we use Charlie's Soap Powder..


Just half a tablespoon per load of diapers.  We've been using it since November and there is still about a quarter of the tub left.  For about $10, it's not too bad cost-wise!

Soooo, I think that's it.. haha.  I've probably spent about $200 on all the diapers, covers, wipes, wet bags and accessories, and I can't recommend it enough.

Sorry for the disorganized rambling of a post.  I swear, this is hard when you have a baby!! :)  If I left something out or you have any questions, ask me in the comments section and I'll reply when Hadley actually decides to take a nap ;)


Boo's Mom said...

I used cloth diapers for a long time, too, after my daughter was born nearly 28 (gasp!) years ago! But, I'm not hear to talk about diapers. I'm here to say OMG! Is your daughter cute!

Boo's Mom said...

And, I do know the difference between "here" and "hear".

Anonymous said...

not only are cloth diapers economical, they leave a much smaller, long term impact on the environment. YAY!

marylynn said...

Ok, this settles it, we need to be friends. My husband and I also have a spoiled corgi and a sweet chubby baby girl - AND we cloth diaper! Every time you write a post I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. =)

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