Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gibson's Enzymes and Glucosamine Treats for Dogs

A little update on Gibson's health today!

So, back in the summer, Gibson had multiple episodes of what we think were pancreatitis and then about a month or so ago, he started limping really badly.  Well, for the tummy issues we began adding an enzyme supplement to his food, called D-Zymes Powder by Solid Gold.  For his limping, we started giving him Hip Action Glucosamine Treats by Zukes. Both have worked wonders!!!  


I put an 1/8 of a teaspoon of the D-Zymes on his food each meal and he hasn't had diarrhea or thrown up since before we started using them in August.


And there is still about a quarter of the jar left!


 It was $17 for this jar, so it's only cost us about $3 a month!  Much cheaper than all the vet visits we were having to make!

The Hip Action treats have been great as well! Gibson's limp started to immediately improve and within a few weeks it was completely gone.

They are a good size and looks super tasty too.  He gets 1 treat every night before we go to bed.  at $12.99 for a 1lb bag, they are little bit on the pricey side, but well worth it if it means a non-limping dog!


So, yay for Gibson feeling better!

Thanks, mama!  My eyes are still goopy though...


Aparna B. said...

Glad the stuff is working! We also use those enzymes on top of his food every now and then. But the glucosamine we do regularly with training :) Glad Gibson is feeling better!

Garden of Rambles said...

Thank you for the tips. What food did you give him when he was itching? My Stella Corgi is chewing her feet!

Whosyergurl said...

wow. Gibson is too young for hip pain! Glad it helped!
xo, Cheryl

Steffi said...

Glad Gibson is feeling better and his limp is gone! Our dogs love those Zuke's glucosamine treats but they are a little expensive if you give them daily. Our vet has us give our dogs human glucosamine pills - it's much cheaper! We pay $50 for a bottle of 300 pills and give each of our dogs (they weigh about 10 lbs each) 1 pill every 3 days. So you might want to ask your vet if they can recommend any human pills for Gibson.

KSBaker said...

Our corgi's limping lead to a blown ACL in one knee then the other. He had to have them wired together. Frankendog!

Dianna said...

I was told to use distilled water and the runny eyes would stop - haven't tried it because none of our pups have these type of eyes, but it wouldn't hurt to try! Glad everything else is better.

Builder Mama said...

We've been giving our 12-year old Cardigan a dose of MSM every day - I know they have it in some dog supplements, but it was cheaper to get it from my chiropractor! It reduces inflammation. We also went grain-free with his kibble and he's like a new dog! Poor boo has terrible arthritis in all four knees, but he's trucking along like a puppy now!

Karen and Bailey said...

yay to gibson feeling better. I agree. those prices are way reasonable given vet costs nowadays. glad hes feeling better!

Lynsey said...

We love Zuke's! Penny hasn't had any hip problems yet, so we give her the little salmon ones and she goes crazy for them! They're the perfect size to mix in with some kibble in her little treat-dispensing ball.

Glad Gibby is doing better. I saw one of his puppy photos on Pinterest the other day. So cute!

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