Monday, January 30, 2012

3 months


My little sweetheart turned 3 months yesterday!

Things have been going great, except for one thing:  the girl does not nap!  Pretty much from 9am-7pm or so she is awake.  It is sooo hard to get anything done.  Taking a shower takes so much effort.  Everything else I can pretty much get done while she's playing on her toy mat, but it's hard to take a shower when I am not able to hear if she is crying or not.  Oh well, I somehow manage to take one every day (make a point of it!), and the good thing about no naps is that I get to sleep through the night! woohoo :)


As you can see from her chunk, she's still eating great.  There was no doctor's visit this month, so I'm not sure how much she weighs, but I'm guessing it's around 13.5lbs or so.  She's wearing 3-6month or sometimes even 6-9 month clothes! I assume she'll slow down at some point, but I'm glad that she's a healthy growing girl right now :)

Super Hadley!

The fun thing in the past month is that she's become much more interactive with us :)  She loves to sit and talk to us in her little cooing way.  She loves to give a big smile to her daddy when he comes home from work and even starting giggling and smiling at Gibson last night when they were sitting across from each other :)

She's moving more now, and I can tell that all she wants to do is be able to go wherever she wants to and talk to us!  During tummy time, she lifts her head up high and kicks her legs and tries to move.  She can even 'scoot' herself across the mat sometimes.  No roll-overs yet, but I'm sure that will come soon enough.   In her crib, I keep finding her in different positions than where I put her to begin with.  This morning, her head was smushed up against the rails!!  How the heck, baby? She's like a little inch worm :)


Her new thing is wanting to be held ALL THE TIME and watching TV.  We feel like terrible parents, but at this point, it's whatever keeps her quiet and gives us a little break :)   We even put her swing in front of the tv so she can sit and watch it while we try to eat dinner haha.


 Gibson, I think, is starting to resent her a little bit, but at the same time he understands that she comes first.  He waits patiently until I am sitting on the floor with her by her mat to ask to play fetch.  And he does not protest too much when I wake up in the morning and spend a half an hour feeding/changing and cuddling with her before I let him out to pee and feed him.  He no longer gets a morning walk.  It is just too difficult to find the time.  Instead, I make a point to walk him in the afternoon before he is fed for the evening.  If it is above 32 degrees, I bundle Hadley up to go walking with us.  Otherwise, I wait til Ben comes home to walk him.  Luckily, it has been a super mild winter, so  there haven't been too many too cold days :)

Bundled up for our walk!

We marvel every day at how cute she is.  I seriously don't know how we made such an adorable thing.  Love my baby girl :)


Paula said...

love her blue eyes! she's a keeper :)

Sarah said...

Cute! my baby (4 1/2 months)hardly naps during the day either. and she doesn't sleep through the night yet. my corgis seem a little put out sometimes, but overall, I think they understand.

Jessica said...

Her blue eyes are GORGEOUS! I think Gibson will enjoy having a baby sister when she can interact with him a little bit too. :)

Boo's Mom said...

She is such a doll! I used to bring my girl into the bathroom with me. Sat her in a car seat (or whatever those things are called; I've forgotten!) on the floor outside the shower, and played peek-a-boo with her from behind the shower curtain. For my first Mother's Day, when she was just shy of a year old, I told my husband all I wanted was a full day of using the bathroom ALONE!

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