Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grumpson's Christmas

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  Gibson got yet another nickname (Grumpson) and got totally spoiled in the gifts department.  Here's a quick recap of what went down:

1. Gibson was totally spoiled on Christmas morning!  Thanks to Karen & Bailey who were his Secret Santas this year :)   He loved all of the gifts.  Here are some pics and a video:

Sorry about the cursing.... :)

And sorry about the blurrys ;)DSC_4062





2.  He slept a total of MAYBE 2 hours in 3 days.  Which made him such a grumpy butt!!  He was snarling and growling at all the other dogs. I've never seen him be sooo mean. And he was being so protective of me and Hadley.  If another dog (or another man besides his dad) came near us he snarled at them.  Such an old man!

3. Since he was up in the middle of the night, he decided one night to rummage through our bags and find ALL of the treats that I packed him and eat ALL of them.  ALL.  This included a bag of expensive dog bakery treats Ben put in his stocking and also a bag of treats my cousin got him.  He has been a pooping machine since.

I am a big meanie!

His poor cousin who he was meeting for the first time and greeted him with his teeth!  Rude much?

4.  He has now been Mr. Sleepy Pants and has slept pretty much the entire day.   He didn't even wake me up this morning.  I didn't come down stairs til 8am and he was totally cool with that!  So silly :)

I sleep now, guys.

I have so much to post in the next few days.. Hopefully I can get back on some sort of blogging schedule soon! :)


Katie said...

Looks like Gibbers had a great Christmas. I have a question: How did you handle Gibson's grumpiness and growling and meeting the other dog with his teeth?
Thanks! Glad to see everything is going well, cant wait to read on with the updates.

That corgi :) said...

Looks like he made out like a bandit, Kelly! Great gifts from your Secret Santa! Lots of changes for Gibson this year; seems like he has done great to make the switch to be so protective of Hadley along with you of course! I can imagine he was exhausted when he finally returned to his usual routine.

My son and his girlfriend and her almost 2-year-old daughter came down to spend Christmas Eve with us. The little one followed Koda all evening around the house and called him "kittie cat". She finally grasped the concept he was a dog, LOL. Koda was really good around her; I worried because he's not around young children a lot and he is getting older (seven). But he slept like a log that night after they left, LOL :)

Happy New Year to you and yours, Kelly!


Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Happy holiday, guys! Poor Gibson, I'd be grumpy too if I didn't get enough sleep :( At least he got awesome presents :) Bryson was in the same boat not that long ago... have faith, this phase will be over soon! And hope he's not limping anymore... we actually just took Bryson in for the same thing on X'mas eve (we're extra paranoid because of his Addison's). $85 later we were told he just needs a bath (? skin irritation). Can't wait to see more pix of the 2 kids!

Karen and Bailey said...

hope you guys had a great christmas! :) Glad Gibson loves the squeaky toys!! :) take care!

Kat Randall said...

poor grumpson! glad he's getting some much needed rest! Happy New year!! p.s. so cute we have one of your designs in our home! love it :)

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