Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kong Cozies!

Gibson was sent a new fun toy from Kong to check out a few weeks ago, called a Kong Cozie.


It arrived the day after we got home from the hospital, so it was great timing since Gibson was feeling pretty neglected ;)


What is it?  Basically a super duper soft plush dog toy, that squeaks and has an extra thick layer of material underneath the softness to make it more durable.


What do I think?  I love how soft it is!  And the extra material makes it feel pretty neat when you squeak it.. sort of like there is a layer of gel.. Not sure how to explain it :)


What does Gibson think?  He really likes it!  We play fetch and tug w/it and also wrestle w/it!    He loves attacking it like it's a real animal and he's on the prowl ;)


How's it holding up two weeks later?  Sad to say his head has been de-stuffed :(   I believe this is because only the body part of the toy has the extra durable layer.   I'm sure Gibson will still find some fun in it though.  Especially since the squeaker is protected by the thick layer.. and  I think the soft fur will be fun for him for quite a while!

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