Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hadley's Story

My darling daughter is 1 week old!


Time is flying and I have lost track of what day it is.  I never know if it's the weekend or a week day.   My days consist of breast feeding, changing diapers and juggling getting rest and getting some chores done.   Luckily, Ben's mom helped to take care of us the first week, which was so helpful!  Very nice to have someone cook and clean and shop for you!  

I suppose I should back up though and tell you a little about her birth..

So, I flew through my pregnancy w/o any complications whatsoever UNTIL week 38.   I went to my normal weekly checkup and my blood pressure was way high.   They were concerned so they had my do a 24 hour urine collection (lots of fun) and then come back the next day to do blood work.  We were told if those labs didn't come back clear I would be induced the next day.  Luckily, they were normal, so I was good for another week and was told to 'take it easy' so my blood pressure would lower.  This was a little bit hard, since the St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series!   You may remember that they are Ben's favorite team, so we are a bit invested in the games.  Haha, anyways...

My next appointment was the next Wednesday (10/26) and my blood pressure was higher than the week before.  My doctor sent me to the hospital (!!)  to be monitored and if my blood pressure didn't lower, I'd be induced that day!   We were freaking out, but 3 boring hours later, my blood pressure was normal and we were sent home and told to follow up on Friday.

You may have guessed that my blood pressure was high again for that appointment.  My doctor said "Let's call it a day" and I was sent to the hospital to be induced (for real).

To speed up this story, I was put on Pitocin for 12 hours and no progress was really made.  This at least let us watch game 7 of the World Series w/o me being in much pain :)   (Cardinals won!)    I was having lots of contractions, but they were not very painful and weren't moving things along like they were supposed to.   So after the game (I think my doc waited til it was over on purpose haha), they took me off of that and switched me to a different drug, which they said could take 16 hours and may or may not work!!  This was not fun news to hear at all and we wondered why were in the hospital if my body was not ready.

Well, this drug did work.  And it worked in a big way.   I woke up around 2 or 3 in the morning with my first "real" contraction.   I had a nurse come in and ask if I was ok because my contractions were only 2 minutes apart already.   They didn't hurt THAT bad yet, so I said I was.  Then, at 6am, I asked to use the bathroom and when I came out, my water broke.   That is when the contractions started to become unbearable.   They were almost non stop and at a pain level of about 9.  I called Ben around 7:30 crying in pain and told him to get back to the hospital.   Around 8:30 I broke down and asked for an epidural (I was planning on going w/o, but the pain was too much for me to handle).  Unfortunately, it takes 45 minutes to order the epidural so I'd be in pain for a bit longer.   As soon as I got it though, I felt the need to push (I went from 1-2 cm to 8-9 cm in just an hour!).  It had barely kicked in when I started to push at around 9:30am.  

And then, at 10:09am, this little miracle happened:DSC_3303

They asked me to reach down and pull her on my chest and we stayed that way for a long time to bond.  They thought she was "sooo big" and she was!  Almost 9lbs!!  We could not believe it.  We thought that since Ben and I are both kind of small, she'd be a small baby, but nope!   I don't know how she fit inside me or made her way out of me! lol

Since then, she's been the love of our lives.   She's such an angel.DSC_0816 DSC_0815 DSC_0842BW DSC_3389 DSC_3381

An eating, pooping, peeing, crying, angel ;)

And how is Gibson doing?  DSC_3366


He loves her.  The first thing he did after he gave me a billion kisses and got his "big brother gift" was give her kisses all over.   He's been more protective of the house than usual too.  And whenever someone new holds her, he has to supervise.

It has been hard not being able to give him as much attention as usual.  Very hard.  I have cried about it a few times this week.  But, hopefully, we'll be able to get back into a somewhat normal routine.  I got to take him for a walk for the first time this morning while Hadley was still sleeping :)

And that is the story of Hadley's first week of life.  There is not much to complain about when you have this face to look at every day :)



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is absolutely beautiful. I love all of the pictures of her.

And tell the big brother Congrats and he is doing a good job.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a pretty baby! My goodness. She about took my breath away. You're truly blessed to have a healthy, happy, sweet little girl...and a corgi boy to lovingly watch over her.
Truly blessed.

Crafty Annie said...

Best. Story. Ever.

She's beautiful. Gibson is a good brother. ;-)

Cole said...

Hadley is such a beautiful baby! Thank you for sharing this story with us! I love the picture of Gibson looking at you while shes crying-He looks worried about her.. So precious! =D

Heidianna said...

What a story! Hadley is beautiful. I'm also glad to hear that Gibson is adjusting and being good!

Happy Mothering!

Aparna E. said...

Gorgeous <3 She's beautiful and I'm glad that in the end, you had a safe delivery. That has to be scary since this is your first! Congrats to you, Ben and Gibson! Welcome to Corgi Butts, baby Hadley! <3 (btw, that name is SO cute)

That corgi :) said...

She is sooo cute, Kelly! I'm glad the doctors were on top of everything with your labor/blood pressure etc. Always a dangerous thing when blood pressure goes high with pregnancy. But so thankful the end result was such a beautiful baby like Hadley!

Don't feel bad about time not spent with Gibson; you have to do the best you can with what you have to work with; I think you guys will adapt to a schedule that works out well for all of you and I don't think he will feel slighted or unloved.

Enjoy those baby days!!


Emily said...

Aww, Gibson is a protective big brother; I love it! I'm glad you seem to be settling into a routine already! Can't wait to keep reading more about Hadley!

Netherfieldmom said...

What a beautiful baby! Corgis make great baby watchers..have some of those great pictures myself. Congratulations...and I'll bet you're right about the doc watching the game! ;)Get all the rest you gets easier.

Kat Randall said...

She is so precious! So glad that Gibson loves her. One big happy family, you are such a trooper!

Sam and Finley said...

Awwww, I got all teary. So excited for all of you!! I what a great boy Gibson is!! Guard dog brother. I love it.

Boo's Mom said...

She's beautiful. Enjoy every minute!

Karen and Bailey said...

so cute :) man ive never given birth yet but reading this just made me feel some pain myself! :)

congrats on a healthy baby again!!!!!

Whosyergurl said...

She is SO beautiful! She just looks like a little doll. My granddaughter had the pink monkey pajamas and the pink/green striped ones, too. (Target?) :-)
Tell big brother he rocks. Oh, how wonderful for Hadley to have Gibson to take care of her.
Glad you are doing well. xo, Cheryl

Hannah Cline said...

you are very lucky. I had my daughter two years ago. Some stuff went very wrong and we where both at risk and rushed into a csection. The anestisiologist sp? was on call and stuck in traffic.. they had to give me a csection without a spinal block or any strong pain releif but IV drugs which did not have time to kick in. I felt everything but my angel girl was born and revived and now is a healthy little two year old!

Your daughter is amazingly beautiful i was a 9.1 pound baby!!! i wonder how i fit into my mother. my sister before me was almost TEN yes 10 pounds. Our bodies are totally made for this! congrats on the baby and im so glad everything came out alright! gibson seems to be totally enjoying brotherhood :)

Lindsay said...

So I had to go back and reread this. I'm a sucker for baby stories. Maybe I teared up a bit. I need to write Olive's 4 month post today. So sad!

Such an awesome story - so glad we got to read it!

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