Friday, October 28, 2011


Well, here I am.   4 days away from my due date and just playing the waiting game.  We shall see when she comes, but honestly, I have no idea.  Could be today, could be 2 weeks from now!  I've been killing time by working on some designs and watching a lot of On Demand tv.   And taking some photos of Gibson..


I've been trying to figure out how to use the actual settings on my camera (I usually just do auto) so I can take some nice photos of my daughter (we've opted to do our own newborn photos).


I always love the Gibson looking out the window shot :)




Serious Gibson.

One of my last errands I had to run before baby comes is to get Gibson a special 'Big Brother' gift for when we bring the baby home from the hospital.  I settled for this cute squeaky hedgehog ball (Martha Stewart no less!):

I think he'll dig it.  I've also been letting him inspect all the baby clothes and diapers and gave him 'the talk' about the fact that there will be another person living w/us soon.   That counts as 'preparing pets for baby', right? haha

This weekend is Pumpkin Fest here in town, and it is the most wonderful time of the year ;)   Our house is decked out nicely..


Complete w/matching corgi!


I heart fall :)


Ok, that is the end of my randomness.   Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I'll be a mama!


Garden of Rambles said...

I love this post. And hope baby comes soon.

That corgi :) said...

You are a mama right now Kelly! But you'll be a mama with the baby in your arms hopefully the next time you post! How exciting! I look forward to hearing all the news of Little Miss' arrival! I think Gibson will like his big brother gift indeed!!


Boo's Mom said...

What a lovely house you have -- especially decked out for Halloween/Fall. Can't wait to see photos of your new little one!

Whosyergurl said...

Thinking of you. So much fun and excitement ahead of you. Your house looks great. Wonderful that you are preparing pupprs.
xo, Cheryl

Aparna E. said...

I can offer some tips when taking photos!! I never use anything but the Av or Tv priorities because I like controlling the aperture (how in focus something is, and how blurred the background is) and I use the Shutter when I want to control how slow or faster the shutter. Then I use the white balance options for what kind of temperature I want the photos to have.

For newborn pics I've done, I always use the Av setting. I like having the focus be the little one with everything else behind it being blurred. It always helps to use natural light and try doing taking the picture in the early light or in the sunset hours so the golden light is just gorgeous on baby! :) I do use PS for some post-processing, but it's mostly to soften/smooth out babies, bring out the vibrance or make B&W.

I'd love to give you more tips! Feel free to email me and I can help out as much as possible. But I'm sure you will take beautiful photos. You know your baby better than anyone. You'll capture her in the best light <3 Congrats again Kelly!! :D

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