Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

37 weeks today!  Can you believe it?  This means that I am technically "full-term", so it is safe for me to give birth at any moment.   Talk about scary!   My last day of work is Friday, which makes things even scarier!! But, exciting, of course, at the same time :)   I just can't believe that I am going to have a baby soon.  Seems like yesterday I was becoming a corgi-mama for the first time!

How am I feeling?   Ehhhhhh.. not the greatest.  I am huge and lugging around 25-30 extra pounds isn't easy.  My feet and ankles have been swelling and most of my shoes do not fit... haha.   Exercise  has pretty much been narrowed down to walks w/Gibson, but apparently walking is the best thing for preggers anyways so oh well.

Speaking of Gibson... we had a party over the weekend w/3 babies under 4 months old and he was such a good boy!   He did not bark at any of them, so yay!  And he also stayed in our yard w/o a leash on the entire time.  It was awesome, I was proud :)

So, yesterday my boss decided we should be off for Columbus Day, so I took the time to finish the nursery!!  And here it is:

I love it! :) The blanket, pillow and bedskirt were made by me!

Here is the other side:

Here is the 'storage wall' w/my homemade curtains for the closet.   Notice anything corgi-licious? :)

This artwork is the inspiration for the entire room.  Ben bought it in San Francisco back in April!

Changing table (with a billion cloth diapers), rocker and paintings!

These paintings were done by me in highschool, and I decided to finally get them framed to hang up in the nursery!

The adorable decal!  Love it so much :)

The little hedgehog is a tribute to our hedgehog, Maeby, who died a few years ago.  And more owls :)

That's it.  I love it :)   I'm so glad that it is done!!!


Sabrina Horton said...

I love the colors and the understatedness of it all. Some little girls' rooms are overwhelming with bubble gum pink every where!

That corgi :) said...

You are glowing Kelly! I know I said that before, but you are!! Can't believe you are at 37 weeks already! How neat!! You'll do great with it all! So neat to hear too that Gibson did good with little ones were around! Nursery looks great; so welcoming for your bundle of joy!


Pam said...

What an adorable nursery! Love the theme!

Boo's Mom said...

Lovely room! These last weeks are such an exciting, uncomfortable time! I remember my feet swelling and feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath. But, when the little one makes her appearance you'll forget everything!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Too cute! What a lucky baby :)

Whosyergurl said...

SO happy for you! Love the nursery! Love all of the owls!
Gibson will be wonderful with his little sister. ;-)
xo, Cheryl

Aparna E. said...

GORGEOUS!! You look radiant! <3 And that nursery is SO freaking adorable. you should come decorate our house when we get one, one day :)

Jessica said...

You look amazing! Good luck with the baby, and I think the nursery is absolutely adorable.

-Jessa (and Winston)

Karen and Bailey said...

you look fabulous, kelly ! :) so... what was your most memorable pre-birth baby experience? i want to know! :)

the room looks so beatiful and peacful and calming.

congrats again, i wonder if gibson is ready!

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