Friday, September 2, 2011

Is it over yet?

One of my favorite things about having a blog is that it documents things that I can go back and see for years to come.  This comes in handy for times when Gibson isn't feeling too hot.  For instance, if Gibson gets sick,  I can go to the archives and see if it is a trend that happens at the same time every year or if it's just some fluke sickness.  I've done this to check on when his  late summer allergies usually start, which has been pretty consistant every year.  Only problem is that I never seem to post when his allergies END.  

When the heck to do they end???!    It's only been about 2 weeks, but Gibson, Ben and I have all had enough of them.  I have been giving Gibson Benadryl twice  a day since they started, but he still scratches, licks and bites himself all day long.  Well, he does in-between his long drug-induced naps anyways.

Sleeping has been really fun.  Usually between 3 & 4am, he wakes up and scratches for the rest of the night.  I brought his dog bed up and put it in our room, so we can kick him off the bed when he starts.. but sometimes that even gets annoying.  One night, I  locked him out so I could get some peace and quiet!  Did you know it's kind of hard to sleep when you're a big 'ol pregnant lady as it is?   Between the leg cramps, trying to find a somewhat comfortable position and having to pee all the time.. it's not a walk in the park.  Throw in a dog w/crazy allergies and sleep is pretty much a rare occurance.  Last night I felt lucky because it was a cramp in my calf that woke me up instead of my scratching dog. hah.

Anyways, as bad as it sounds, he seems to be doing a bit better than the last few years.   I think the fact that I started him on allergy medicine as soon as I saw the first symptoms and have been giving him baths at least once a week has helped.

Here's how he's looking, 2 weeks into his allergies:

DSC_2961 DSC_2963

He still has some eyeliner which is nice! And he hasn't lost too much fur on his head yet.  His nose isn't bright bred and his snout isn't puffy.   But his paws are all fairly pink and his armpits are looking pretty raw :(  

I hope the end is almost here.  I was looking through flickr photos and saw that he looked back to his old self around September 20th of last year.. That's not too far off.. I suppose....   I think next year, I may break down and get him the allergy shot at the vet :(


Jane said...

Have you ever tried giving him Claritin or Zyrtec maybe? That is what our vet recommended when the Benadryl wasn't working for Luke. It has helped him quite a bit.

Paula said...

allergies are in our household right now too! the licking and nibbling on his arms and paws is crazy! i wish we could rub some type of cream like calamine lotion on him to help the itch. might ask the vet next time.
is gibson good about taking benadryl or do you have to hide it in a tasty treat?

Carleenp said...

Ty gets itchy allergies too. I think it is Ragweed, and it runs from late August until the first hard freeze. We got some anti-itch spray that helps some too.

Kelly said...


I haven't tried those, but I might! I have generic Claritin for myself, but my vet always recommended Benedryl so I've used that.

Kelly said...


They sell anti-itch spray, which we have, but I kind of hate it. It doesn't seem to do much. It has a bitter taste to it to make the dog bite/lick less, but all it does it get all over my hands when I spray it on or pet Gibson and then I get it in MY mouth!

Gibson does great taking Benedryl :) All I do is dip the pill in some peanut butter and he eats it right up!

Rachel said...

Oh Momma! Those are SOME allergies! Amy's been itchyitchyitchy lately, but I suspected it had less to do with allergies, although my husband's allergies have started to emerge this week, and more to do with her undercoat being crammed full of dead, shedding fur. So I took her to get bathed, blow dried, furminated, and brushed out at the groomer's today. And you know what? Not one itchyfest in the hour we've been home. She's been incredibly fussy, itchy, and chatty lately, but I think the deshedding treatment might have nipped that in the bud. We'll see!

PS. Benadryl makes Amy in to a zombie. It does the same to me so I can't fault her. Gibson looks pretty zombified too, poor dude.

Dianna said...

It's good that Gibson is helping you to get ready to never sleep when the baby comes!

Jules said...

Oh goodness! I know some pele are against it but Roxi was so bad we went with the shot. She's been fine ever since! I'm sorry for poor Gibson :(

Jo said...

Has your vet ever suggested Atopica for allergy control? It is less detrimental to their health than the shots. I have a border collie allergic to everything that grows, including wool, go figure. It's the only thing that has worked for him.

The Bee Charmer said...

Has your vet ever prescribed steroids? Lola is currently on prednisone and it has helped very much.

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