Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An end in sight..

I think allergy season may be coming to an end! DSC_3027

Gibson's scratching and licking has been almost non-existant the past few days, I am so excited :)  He's been more of his funny little self lately too.  I love it.  Last night, I let him out and gave him his allergy pill/treat and went back to the living room to watch tv.  He didn't come out of the kitchen for awhile and I wondered where he was.. well he came strolling out w/the measuring cup from  his bag of food over his nose lol.   I guess he had to show us that he found it on the floor (I dropped it and bending over isn't easy nowadays so I left it on the floor) and proceeded to lick it clean.   I found it hilarious ;)

Anyways, I think we faired pretty well this year in terms of Gibson looking non-ugly!   No bald spots on his head and he only had a few scabbies.   His eyeliner is a little faded, but not non-existant like it's been in years past.   He didn't scratch off any whiskers and his snout never got puffy and red :)


His feet became red, but they are looking better now.  Only a hint of pink through his fur.

The biggest casualty is probably his armpits, which are still dark red and painful looking :(  Poor dude.DSC_3041

But overall, not bad!

Oh and check out our sweet new travel system!   I love it.  Gibson ran around barking at it last night.  I figured we should leave it out where he is all day so he gets used to seeing it!!


That's it for now.  How are you all fairing w/allergies???


Pat Murphy said...

And I see he has switched over to his pumpkin collar.

That corgi :) said...

glad to hear the end is in sight, Kelly!! We have our ups and downs; I notice on the days it is more damp/humid Koda is more itchy and the days it is warmer, less itchy. I feel for him because this is the first year in again a new environment for him, so have no idea what to expect and for how long.

Gibson is looking great!


Aparna E. said...

Awww poor Gibson! I'm glad allergy season is coming to a close too! Gryff only ever gets allergies in his eyes. He gets REALLY nasty eye boogs :\ Glad it'll all be over for a while. Hope everything is going well for you and it's almost getting time for the baby girl to come right?

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