Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gibson's Health

It's been a few weeks since Gibson's last health scare.  I'd love to say that things have been fabulous since then, but last week the little fella  scared me a bit again.  Things had totally cleared up, solid poops, healthy doggie, and then..  squishy poops and blood.  Yes, more blood.  But nothing else was wrong.  It wasn't diarrhea, and he was eating his food normally, not eating grass, not puking.. just squishy poop w/some blood... which freaked me out.

I racked my brain for anything that Gibson could have eaten or has been eating over the summer that could trigger this.   Since the last incident, I have been super diligent about not giving him as many treats or people food and not letting him graze in the grass outside at all.  He's been kitty poop-free for almost a month! lol.   But it was happening again.   Something was wrong and I had to do something about it.   I decided to give enzymes a try.

During his first sickness of the summer, my mom recommended that I try giving him enzyme supplements. Nzymes to be exact.  A neighbor dog down the street from her has had life long horrible allergies and no medications or changes in food helped him.   They then tried Nzymes and he has been a completely new dog.  It makes sense.  This stuff helps dogs digest their food properly and absorb nutrients that they need and it is especially helpful for pancreas problems.   I was sold.   But I wanted it right away, so I looked on Amazon for a brand that I could buy using my Prime membership so I could get 1 day shipping :)   I chose Solid Gold D-Zyme Digestive Enzyme Powder.  

Solid Gold is a brand I already know, so I felt good about buying from them.    And so far, so good.  Gibson's poop is back to normal.  I'm hoping it will help him w/his allergies (which he always gets in august) too.   I just have to sprinkle 1/8 of a teaspoon on each of his meals (1/2 cup of food).. and it smells kind of like blueberry yogurt, which is fun :)  

So that's that.  I'll update you w/how he's doing on it soon :)  Anyone else give their dogs enzyme supplements?


Aparna E. said...

Eeps! Poor Gibson!! I hope the enzymes help! <3

darthemerald said...

I am about to start, I found some doggy treats that are super hard so they clean the teeth and have digestive-aid enzymes. Here's the link to the product on Petco's site. I am trying this since my corgi is a heavy chewer, seems to have some tartar problems and I figure gut health is pretty important.

PS. I got the coupon for the free food Kella and I won from the Innova giveaway, I'll let you know how she does with it! Thanks again!


Crafty Annie said...

When Bella and Baxter have suffered from Colitis (a lot), we give them this stuff called Flora...it's made by Purina. I think it's supposed to do the same thing as the Enzyme. I'm curious to know how this new stuff works for Gibson. Keep us posted!

Jenn said...

Jaxon has been on Nzymes for 3 months now, the improvement that he has shown is absolutely amazing! Our product is from Nzymes.com....he no longer is on allergy shots (which he had to be given every week), he has not gotten Colitis since he has been on Nzymes. Our product consists of a little more than yours, we have to give him antioxidant granules, Ox-E drops, Black - leaf tincture and BacPak Plus which all goes into his food twice daily. It seems like alot but, truely is not. This product has been a lifesaver for me! I would love to send you pictures so you can see his results.

Rachel said...

Amy eats Holistic Select food, which has a reputation for being very good for dogs with seasonal and food allergies, so she has zero problems with allergies. Her stomach is also made of cast iron. I give her a fish oil gel cap and a chewable vitamin C tablet with breakfast, and a Greenie treat after our morning walk, and a tablespoon of plain yogurt with dinner (keeps a corgi tummy happy!) and she's perfectly fine. Consumes dandelions and chewing gum and sticks with equal glee.

Christine said...

Funny you mentioned August and allergies because I noticed Blue has been sneezing lately. This is something he hasn't done before. And not polite little snorts, but big, loud, in your face, head-shaking sneezes. I may look into enzymes. Thank you all! Hope Gibson improves tremendously! Poor puppers....xo

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Poor Gibson (and poor mommy)! Cleaning up bloody poop is the worst :( Hope this new remedy helps. On another hand you are glowing! Just make sure Gibson knows that demotion is coming, ha ha... :D

Krystal said...

Ever since I put my 7 dwarfs on a raw diet I mix in some Missing Link. It's more of a supplement then an enzyme.

Anonymous said...

I have a female Chihuahua and a male Chihuahua cross Corgi. She has irritable bowel and he has food and skin allergies. My vet said the runnier the poop, the more meat they should get. The harder, the more veg and fibre. Also to cut out beef. They get lamb bones, kangaroo mince, chicken necks, chicken and turkey mince, and the odd store-brand fishy cat food dinner as a treat. No people food, despite her love of plain corn ships and his love of bread. It's really about working out what's good for their tummies :D

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