Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corgi Butts & Friends Calendar Winners!

Here it is!! The Corgi Butts & Friends Calendar!!


Nick - http://www.flickr.com/photos/silviawada
Gibson - Illinois
Dexter - Minnesota - http://corgitopia.blogspot.com/


Lilu- Arizona www.indignantcorgi.com


Casablanca- California


Porter - Kentucky
Percy - Italy
Brian - California http://einchronicles.blogspot.com/


Holly - Georgia


Gibson - Illinois


Sadie - New York  http://sweetsadiethecorgi.blogspot.com/
Whiskey - Florida ktjazz.blogspot.com
Gibson - Illinois


Koko - Hong Kong


Charlotte - Florida  http://corgionmymind.blogspot.com/


Gibson - Illinois


Mazie & Holly - Georgia
Chloe - California
Bailey - California -  http://baileythecorgi.blogspot.com


Gryff - Michigan http://notaleaf.com/

I did mention that I was going to use a lot of Gibson photos, right? ;)   There were still 16 winners though! Congrats to you!

I will let you know as soon as this is up for sale.   I can post it on Zazzle asap, but Cafepress does not release their 2012 Calendars until late September/early October, I believe.  If it happens before then, I will let you know!  Oh and a reminder that $1 from every calendar sold will be donated to Corgi Pals!

I hope you all like it!!! :)


Aparna E. said...

Ahhh!! Gryff is excited he made the cut, but he spells his name with a "y" :) YAY!! I'll definitely be buying one! So many cute butts to choose from.
I love the one that is shaped like a heart! (^_^)

Kelly said...

@Aparna E.

Sorry! Has been corrected :)

Paige, Dexter and Violet said...


Aj said...

Yay, I'm proud to see my lil Brian up there! All the pictures are awesome! I especially adore February's stylish bum :) I can't wait to order my copy!

Jenny said...

Check out the tush on Miss September. Heehee. Glad little Charlotte made the calendar. Now her and Stanley can both say they are famous ;)

Benhur said...

Ah! I missed the contest....boohoo.
Congrats to all the winners!!! Love the butts!

Michelle said...

Aw all the butts are so cute! I love this calendar. Great job! Congrats everyone!

Laurie said...

Woohoo! Sadie got her butt in a calendar!!! :)

Kat Randall said...

Yay!! I love it :) Lilu is very happy to be Miss February! Can't wait to buy it!!

Kat Randall said...

Oh and @AJ thank you!!

Katie said...

Woo-hoo. Im so excited! I cant wait to order my calendar. This whole thing just makes me smile

Tina said...

Corgi butts...they drive me nuts!! Congrats to all the pin up babes ;)

Jules(: said...

Bummer, my puppy George didn't make it. :( next year!

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