Monday, August 15, 2011

Allergies & Smoke Alarms

It's here.  The time of year I've been dreading.  Allergy season.

I was hoping Gibson's new enzymes would help ward off any allergies, but a few days ago I heard that horrible sound:  *slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp*.    That'd be the sound of Gibson licking his feet.  Fun stuff.  And with feet licking, comes head scratching: *scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch*.


I headed to the store to pick him up his yearly doses of Benedryl, and am  HOPING to minimize them as much as possible so he doesn't end up like this again:

Allergy Face

I call that 'ugly face'.   Cause it is, right? haha :)

Another reason I've dreaded allergy season is because of the *slurp slurp slurping* and *scratch scratch scratching* that happens in the middle of the night. In our bed.   Fun.  Last night, I gave him a benedryl before bed, to hopefully help him out (or knock him out lol) through the night so we all could sleep peacefully..  But around 3 or 4 am, I woke up to Ben huffing about something.  I asked what was wrong and couldn't find the dog near my feet.  Was he on the floor puking?  Did Ben kick him off cause he was scratching and slurping?  No.  Gibson was curled up on his pillow shaking to death because one of our *#($@&! smoke alarms was chirping.

I've mentioned Gibson's complete fear of the chirping smoke alarm before.  Whenever it happens he thinks the world is ending.  He shakes and shakes and tries to get to the safest spot far away from the noise that is piercing his brain as possible (which he apparently thought was on my husband's pillow last night.  Awwwww, they're bonding ;) ).  It is just a completely horrible sound. How horrible? Horrible enough for Modern Family to have an entire episode about it.. haha

(That was fun to watch w/Gibson in the house.. lol.  I actually ended up watching it online w/headphones.  I find it extra hilarious, since almost the same thing happened to us one time.. We couldn't figure out where the chirping was coming from, and it ended up being one of our old detectors that was packed away in our basement! )

Anyways, Protector Daddy saved the day night by taking the battery out of the stupid alarm.  We thought Gibson would stop shaking, but no. He shook for at least a half an hour longer.  Poor dude! He was smushed up in between both of our heads, apparently not believing that daddy killed the evil chirping thing.

Eventually, he settled down with one of my arms under his head and one over the rest of him.  Really comfortable ;)   Again, he's preparing us for a baby..

For sure.

How do your dogs deal w/allergies... and chirping smoke alarms?


Rachel said...

Amy says: "What chirping smoke alarms, Mamma?"

All of ours decided to go on a chirping spree at once about two months ago, Amy ignored them entirely. I was the only one being driven batty by them. They weren't piercingly loud though, just repetitive and irritating. She gets all "What was that?!" when my husband has to unplug the CO2 detector because it lets out a hugely loud electronic SQUEEEP noise. But it doesn't repeat so she doesn't let herself be bothered by it.

She's a very un-corgi corgi sometimes -- she also doesn't care about the vacuum cleaner unless it gets within 6 inches of her.

Michelle said...

Aw poor Gibson... He is lucky to have such great parents though. I haven't had the joy of experiencing the smoke alarm with Finn yet, but he barks whenever the phone rings. He runs up and down the hallway trying to find it. I also used to have a dog that would freak out every time he would hear a door bell on the TV. It got to the point where we would tell him "TV TV!!" and he finally would calm down. Dogs are silly... but that's why we love em!

darthemerald said...

Why do dogs lick their feet when they are having allergies? I never knew about this but I noticed my pup licking her feet last spring and never thought it might be allergy related...

Laurie said...

Haha well once again, Sadie and Gibson are the same dog pretty much!!!

Sadie has been having allergies for awhile now though; they've been bad here. Her eyes are all red and she is sneezing up a storm, just like I am lol. I don't like giving her anything because she gets sooooo tired. I give her something when I'm home if it's really bad.

And as for the smoke alarm...yup, Sadie FREAKS out the same as Gibson. Even if the sound is on TV...which is funny that you posted that clip because I basically had to watch most of that episode on mute because Sadie was having a heart attack every time the alarm went off on the show!!!! Oy. Poor silly pups.

Anonymous said...

OUr corgi Leia is 4 1/2 and over the last year has become more of a 'worry corgi' than ever. Smoke alarms are the worst. We live near a Marine base and the blast testings make her hide - she won't even go out to pee if she hears them in the distance - or stay with us watching tv if there is any type of gunfire on it.
Last night she started 'slurping' too. She is 30 lbs. How much benedryl do you give?


Kelly said...


I think it's 25mg (1pill) per 25lbs of dog every 8 hours. So basically I give Gibson 1 pill since he's about 25 lbs.

Candy said...

My Gimli is terrified of the smoke alarm. Our alarms are tied into the electricity in our house and when the power goes out and comes back on, like it did yesterday, there is a loud screech when the alarm reinitializes. It scares him and he pants for a long time until he calms down.

Sarah said...

exact same thing happened to me on Saturday night~! the batteries were going out, so Tater Tot hid under out bed and then went outside and refused to come in. I had to go the store in my PJs to get a new battery.

Karen and Bailey said...

i feed bailey enzyme powder when i remember to! :)

also - i hope his allergies will be better this year. i just want to hug him after seeing that picture.

bailey does not react at all to smoke alarms. he perks his head up, but isnt scared or barky about it.

Karen and Bailey said...

also! you should be getting a package from amazon any day now!

Amy said...

Poor Gibson, the fall is a hard go for him. Is your vet able to perscribe a stronger antihistimen? (compleatly misspelled, I know.)

Amanda said...

Cody has gone crazy with itching this allergy season. It got to a point that we had to give him Benadryl twice a day! When that wasn't working for him, the vet put him on some mild steroids to alleviate the itching. We will see how it goes.

As far as the chirping fire alarm? We haven't experienced it yet, but I have a feeling with the way he barks when the doorbell rings, he might not be so quiet about it. ;)

Christine said...

I never associated paw licking with allergies. Blue started in ernest about a month ago with the slurping. I though it was just boredom and so played with him more. So far no smoke alarm chirpies but heaven help the kid zooming by on a skate board. Blue goes crazy. Oh, and when he hears sea gulls (of all things) on TV! And thunder and helicopters outside. Lol! He leaps at the sky barking.

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Jade Graham said...

As someone with allergies falls asleep, the breathing airway becomes more constricted throughout the night- leading to disrupted sleep. when I smoked I had worse allergies

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