Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kong Squiggles

It's been awhile, but I was recently sent a new toy to test out: a KONG Squiggle!

Kong Squiggles combine some of Gibson's favorite things:  It's plush, it squeaks, it stretches, and you can tug with it!

Gibson received the elephant variety :)

Kind of girlie colors, but he doesn't seem to mind ;)

And yes, he loves it!

Unlike other plush toys he's received that were immediately torn apart, this one does not have a stitch out of place after 2 weeks!  And we play with it almost every night!

He loves to see how long it will stretch out..

Here he is demonstrating how long it gets.  Isn't he a good model? ;)

So, all in all, I really like this toy!  It is pretty well constructed and FUN!  I think Gibson prefers his rope toys for really hardcore tugging, but for light play, he has lots of fun w/this :)   I recommend it!!


Laurie said...

Fun! Love the bright colors :)

Peanut said...

That's the perfect toy for Peanut!!! Kong's toys last a while unlike the other weaker brands. Is the toy longer than Gibson? Hee hee. I just hope it's durable enough to defeat Peanut's extremely sharp teeth :D))

About Me said...
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Michelle & Finnley said...

I'd love to get one of this for Finnley! Gibson looks like he really enjoys tuggin on it. =]

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